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This is the first report from ASW.  Make sure you make us your number one learning and reference point for keeping a watch on Antisemitism.

Let us bring you up-to-date with just what is being reported currently. You may be surprised. We are not!

Archbishop of Canterbury is shocked by the rise in Antisemitism (article by Tim Wyatt).

Barry Finestone makes a fine argument that in order to tackle the current rise in Antisemitism world Jewry needs to take a leaf out of its not too distant past. He examines what the Soviet Jewry movement achieved, “We were intelligent, we were strategic, we were proactive and we just kept on fighting.” Interesting point, what do we think? Let us know below.

We could not possibly make this up even if we tried. The German government has established an Antisemitism commission that will examine the rising tide in Germany and report back in two years time. One problem, they have decided that not one single Jew will form part of the commission! (See article)

Is President Obama sending out the right message at the time of growing Antisemitism? (Chary Greengart: Treat out guests well)

Padraig Reidy in an interesting article discusses the question of whether Antisemitism should be banned from social media (alongside, no doubt, other forms of racist abuse)? Read for yourself and let us know your views?

Gordon Hecker, chief of the Jewish Federation of Columbus (Ohio, USA), recently visited Paris and spoke of the fact that there,”Is something really horrific that is going on in Europe.” The Columbus Dispatch reports on his visit (see article).

The common theme is clear. Here in the UK and across the world there is a nasty tide of Antisemitism that is rolling in. Do not be blind to it. Do not ignore it. ASW, B’H, by rooting it out and exposing the truth will continue to be your number one learning platform.

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