Bonehill #liberatestamfordhill arrested and banned

Joshua Bonehill, the one man band far right nationalist behind the ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’ protest who has finally managed to find a cause that gives him publicity, was arrested on Friday 13th February 2015.


Bonehill on his own website explained that his home was stormed by 20 Metropolitan Police Officers and that he subsequently was arrested.

He goes on to complain that the police officers turned his house upside down and his privacy was destroyed as they seized mobile phones, a laptop and his militaria (Nazi?) interests. He further moans of a long and torturous, entirely miserable day sat rotting in the cells of Yeovil police station

Subsequently, he explains, he was bailed with a condition not to enter the area contained within the M25 motorway except to answer police bail in London. In other words, he has been banned from London and this is due to last until the 26th March 2015 (after the date of the proposed ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’ protest.

The Metropolitan Police used to have a slogan, “Keeping London Safe” – looks like it still is!

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