Chelsea football fans in Antisemitic and racist abuse scandal

Chelsea football fans in Paris have been caught up in an Antisemitic and racist abuse scandal.

Following on from similar allegations at the same Champion League fixture last year, Chelsea fans were witnessed on Tuesday evening to be chanting Antisemitic abuse outside the Frog and Rosbif pub. The pub is situated in the area of Paris where many Jewish people live.

The Chelsea fans were also seen forcing a black man off a Metro train while admitting ‘We’re racist’.

A Jewish football fan who was outside the Frog and Rosbif said: ‘The yid chants were very easy for us to understand, and it is clear what they meant by the hissing too.’

‘They were acting like it was funny, but there is nothing funny about the Holocaust. I’d seen it last year, and it happened all over again. The strange thing is that the police made no arrests.’

Chelsea Football Club say they will ban any fan found to have been involved.


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