Uri Avnery – ASW responds – He’s simply wrong!

Uri Avnery, writing for Al-Jazeerah has proclaimed that, “Practically all the alarming incidents which have taken place in Europe recently – especially in Paris and Copenhagen – in which Jews were killed or attacked – had nothing to do with anti-Semitism.” (Read his full ‘opinion’ article here.)

ASW has taken time to respond to this ill-judged, ill-timed and frankly idiotic diatribe with some real truths. Truths that Avnery appears to have conveniently forgotten about:

Why have Jews been targeted in the recent attacks? Avnery suggests two reasons. Firstly, the fact that Algerian Jews sided with the colonialist regime in Algeria and, secondly, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

ASW responds: If the Algerian colonial history was such an important influence why have we not witnessed these murderous attacks happening every day, month, year over the last 50 years?  To suggest this excuse is to deny the facts on the ground in France and is to ignore (or conveniently forget) that other such outrages have been happened in Belgium and Denmark, countries with no links to the Algerian colonial period.

As for the Israel-Palestinian conflict, at least Avnery ‘helps’ us to understand a little more what he means:

But what have French Jews to do with that far-away conflict? Everything.

When Binyamin Netanyahu does not miss an opportunity to declare that he represents all the Jews in the world, he makes all the world’s Jews responsible for Israeli policies and actions. ”

ASW responds:  So Avnery conveniently forgets the history of Antisemitism that predates the creation of the State of Israel? Does he REALLY believe that at some point after 1948 (after conveniently blanking out the events of the Holocaust) Antisemitism stopped existing and Anti-Israel sentiment took over?

In short, Avnery has attempted to construct a parallel argument (parallel to reality) in order to support his own anti-Zionist agenda.

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