Synagogue in France vandalised

A Holocaust-era monument at a synagogue in northern France was destroyed in a vandalism incident.

The vandalism at the synagogue in Elbeuf was discovered last week, the news website reported.

Red paint was thrown on yellow stars that pro-Nazi French collaborators drew on the synagogue in 1942. The stars had been preserved as a somber reminder of that period in French history. The synagogue is not used by a Jewish community.

Police were looking for the perpetrators, the report said.

Elbeuf Mayor Djoude Merabet said the act was anti-Semitic.

“A little over 70 years after what happened here, this act is clearly the disgusting fruit of the anti-Semitism that is manifested [also] in the profanation of Jewish cemeteries,” he said.

Separately, swastikas were discovered twice last week on the walls of a sports center named for a Jewish family in the city of Issoudun, in central France.

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