Breaking News – Antisemitic ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’ Event postponed

The proposed Antisemitic far-right protest that has been given the nonsense title of ‘Liberate Stamford Hill’ has been postponed!

The official reason given by Joshua Bonehill-Paine, the self-proclaimed leader of the one-man band that is ‘Liberate’, is, “Without any responsible organisers set in place to lead Liberate Stamford Hill on March 22nd, it makes it impossible to co-ordinate an event without the risk of people getting hurt or murdered by the Jews or Antifascists.”

Naturally, such a statement is not credible. The real reason is presumably a complete and absolute lack of ability to generate enough interest to make this a genuine protest and, therefore, the associated embarrassment of failure.

It should also be seen as victory for the ‘We Choose HOPE’ campaign that ASW recently posted about. This is a local wide-spread Stamford Hill community campaign inspired through a sense of revulsion in what Bonehill’s hate stands for.

Bonehill also blames the police, ” Since announcing Liberate Stamford Hill, 5 of our principle organisers have been arrested, with 3 of them now banned from entering London until April 22nd. I myself have been banned from entering London, the initial ban was set to end on March 26th but the police have now extended this to mid April.”

coollogo_com-23172872ASW says well done to the Metropolitan Police!

There is still more work to be done though. Bonehill’s diatribe is full of vile hate-filled talk about the “Jewish controlled Metropolitan Police”, “the Jewish backed state” and a supposed future protest date of 2nd May.

ASW predicts this proposed date will also vanish into nothingness!

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