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coollogo_com-23172872ASW brings you the very latest and most extensive Antisemitism global newsround update:

Sacramento, USA: After a few incidents of anti-Semitism in Sacramento, local leaders are taking a stand against it.

Lawmakers will join the Jewish community in a rally on the Capitol steps Monday afternoon. The rally is expected to draw a large crowd, and it’s the beginning of a conversation for stricter rules against anti-Semitism at California universities.

Barry Broad, the president of the Jewish Federation, says the community is fed up. “It’s very, very worrisome,” Broad said.

Broad is calling on the community to join him and lawmakers on the Capitol steps Monday in a rally against a rise in hate crimes and offensive speech, coinciding with a proposed new law. The bill would require all student government bodies in California to have mandatory training in discrimination and civil rights.

“I think it’s important for people to stand together to stand up against and make a very clear message about that,” said California State Senator Richard Pan.

France: Prime Minister Manuel Valls of France says the increasing anti-Israel and anti-Israel sentiments in French society have all the elements necessary to categorize them as anti-Semitism.

“In the 1970s, a new type of Jew-hatred emerged among elites,” Valls told The Wall Street Journal, “one that expressed itself primarily as hostility to Zionism and Israel. This new bigotry has all the [old] components of anti-Semitism, [including] a ‘plot’-based view of imagined Jewish conspiracies.’’

Valls said that this anti-Semitism of the elites has gradually “followed a migration, [impacting] young people in the poor neighborhoods.”

He said he fears that the anti-Semitism prevalent in today’s French society is “much deeper [than just] a couple of idiots who desecrate Jewish cemeteries.” He continued with incredulity: “In 2013 or 2014, you have people in the streets of Paris chanting ‘Death to the Jews!’ And in all the attacks in Paris or the attacks in Copenhagen, targeting the Jews is really at the heart of their motivation.”

South Africa: The on-going BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign in South Africa may be one thing but protesters outside a SA Zionist Federation conference in Sandton yelling, “You think this is Israel, we are going to kill you” is quite another.

When their attempts at failing to shut the conference failed sentiments such as: “You Jews do not belong in South Africa” were shouted from the ranks.

France: “From your holy dwelling-place, look with kindness on this our country, the French Republic. And bless the French people. Amen.”

Every Saturday in synagogues across France these words are intoned – in French or in Hebrew – as part of the Shabbat service.

The Prayer for the French Republic goes back to 1808, when the Jewish community was formally recognised by Napoleon as one of France’s three official religions.

It enshrines in holy language the special debt that French Jews have always felt to France, as the first country in Europe in which they were proclaimed full citizens.

Today that special link is once again under terrible strain, as more and more French Jews question where their future lies.

Read the full BBC article here.


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