Banned from Britain – Looks like a good call!

According to The Huffington Post, an American far-right activist, who was banned from Britain 2013 after a personal intervention from Home Secretary Theresa May, has accused comedian US Jon Stewart of being “the most disgusting Jew on the planet.”

Writing for the conservative mouthpiece WorldNetDaily, Pamela Geller, who along with author Robert Spencer was barred from entering the UK two years ago to prevent the pair addressing and English Defence League rally in Woolwich, blamed “The Daily Show” host for the “absence of the good” in American culture.

Of Stewart she wrote: “This vicious traitor, smug and self-righteous, has long been working for the other side under the guise of comedy,” adding: “Vile. Jon Stewart defines self-loathing Jew. But that’s not enough. He means to take us down with him.”

Yet it is not just Stewart and Comedy Central that are responsible for the “cultural rout”. Hollywood takes a hit too:

American traitor Edward Snowden got an Oscar; American hero Chris Kyle got the middle finger. Even the traitorous far-left journalist Glenn Greenwald got an Oscars shout-out. Of course Hollywood would reward vicious traitors. There was no way the Hollywood establishment was going to give an Oscar to Clint Eastwood after he so delightfully skewered Obama’s empty chair. And their disdain for Americanism and the military is infused in everything they churn out.

Sharing their disdain for America is Jon Stewart, to whom they should have given the “Most Disgusting Jew on the Planet Award.” No contest.

ASW says that there can never be any justification for such a disgraceful comment and that the decision to ban Geller from the UK appears to have been an exceptionally sensible one.

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