What a disgrace! What can be the justification for a Nazi themed bar?

In a move hardly creditable, AntiSemitismWatch.com can report that a bar has opened to the public with Nazi memorabilia as its theme.

Paintings on a blood-red backdrop include Adolf Hitler in the SoldatenKaffee (The Soldiers’ Cafe), named after a popular hangout for soldiers in Germany and occupied Paris during World War II.

Based in the Indonesian city of Bandung, waiters and guests are to be found dressed as Nazi soldiers. The Holocaust is weak on the radar in Indonesia, home to the world’s biggest Muslim population, where the Jewish community numbers a mere 20 people.

As if to demonstrate the point the cafe’s creator and owner, Henry Mulyana, said he did not intend to bring back memories of the Holocaust and that he was a, “businessman not a politician.”

He may not be a politician but the local mayor obviously is, having demanded the owner attend for an urgent meeting.

But in a view that typifies the ignorance that forms the basis of so much hate including Antisemitism, a customer commented, “We’re living in Indonesia and Indonesians weren’t tortured in the Holocaust, so we don’t really care.”

Since the meeting with the mayor the bar has been closed.

Under Indonesian law, anyone who deliberately shows hatred towards others based on race or ethnicity can be jailed for up to five years.

But such vilification usually goes unchecked, with hard-line Muslim groups carrying out violent attacks on religious minorities with near impunity in recent years.

Indonesia, where 90 per cent of the population of 240 million identify themselves as Muslim, does not recognise Judaism among its six official religions.

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