ASW commends South Africa Board of Deputies has previously strongly criticised community leaders for weakness in their responses to incidents of Antisemitism. In particular, where they have suggested that any part of the solution is the ‘hiding’ of the Jewish identity. 

In a move highly commended by, the South African Board of Deputies have provided clear and decisive leadership that others around the world should take heed of and could usefully follow:

Last weekend in a South African nightclub called The Zone in Johannesburg’s Rosebank neighborhood, three Jewish teenagers wearing kippot were physically assaulted and verbally abused by three thugs. While one of the students was being hit, another assailant cursed at him, saying among other things, “Your [expletive] people are killing our innocent children.”

In response the South African Jewish Board of Deputies called on all South Africans, Jewish or not, to attend a film-screening at a cinema of their choice this Saturday night, March 28, wearing a kippa or hat. The campaign is being dubbed #KippasAgainstHate.

“In this way we will demonstrate our commitment to fight against any form of prejudice and intimidation,” the statement concluded. “As proud South African citizens, our freedom of movement, religion, and association are guaranteed by our Constitution.”

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