The loyalty test

As recently posted, in the US Antisemitism was up 21% in 2014. However, according to Anti-Defamation League’s chairman, Abe Foxman, the problem is much worse.

Speaking at a recent educational forum, Foxman told some 900 participants, “It’s even more worrying that one in very three Americans – over 30% – believe that Jews are more loyal to Israel than America.”

As all Jews know, the issue of dual-loyalty is an essential ingredient of modern Antisemitism all over the world, said Foxman.

Foxman, himself a Holocaust survivor, said that he believed he could speak for most Jews when he said that “just 70 years after the Holocaust, I don’t believe that any of us, especially survivors, would believe that anti-Semitism would sprout like this. For many people around the world, these statistics come as a surprise, as they thought anti-Semitism was a thing of the past. It’s not.”

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