South African student leader praises Hitler is growing increasingly concerned at the level of Antisemitism in South Africa, a topic it has previously covered. Much of this activity is tied to xenophobic violence and the insistence of some in the country to attempt to equate the Israeli-Palestinian issue with apartheid South Africa.

In a shocking latest and perverse twist the President of the Student Union of Wits University, Johannesburg, Mcebo Dlamini, has defended his admiration of Adolf Hitler.

Dlamini said, “I’m deciding to look at the good Hitler stood for. He rebuilt the country, the economy, the infrastructure, he uplifted the spirit of Germany.”

Unsurprisingly, such views generated an outcry from the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) who are calling for him to be removed as SRC president.

In response, Dlamini claimed,”I am puzzled and shocked by the response from the white community… If indeed the Israelites hate Hitler so much… why are they emulating Hitler in that they are subjecting the Palestinian children to discrimination, segregation and human indignity?

“The same thing Hitler was doing to the Jews, they are doing to the Palestinians,” he told News24 on Tuesday.

In what considers a relatively weak response, Dlamini’s own Vice-Chancellor, Adam Habib, said, “I’ve come out fairly strongly against it. I think it’s an outrageous statement. I think it’s unacceptable that the SRC president would make a statement like this.”

In a more eloquent response a South African Jewish student has penned an open letter. In it the unnamed  student suggests to Dlamini, “I know you were not born to “Love Adolf Hitler”. Adolf Hitler hated many people including the Jewish people simply because “of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion”. By loving Adolf Hitler you align yourself with his value of hatred for another simply because of his religion.

All I ask is for you to love us – as Jews – for being South Africans and the many commonalities we share, rather than hating us for the few differences we possess.” believes this latest troubling news requires the leaders and politicians of South Africans to strongly condemn Dlamini and to use this incident as a trigger to begin address the xenophobia and associated violence that the country is suffering from.

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