French Trial – Group accused of planning attacks

Fourteen members of a banned Islamic group, Forsane Alizza (“Knights of Pride”), are on trial in Paris for planning a wave of attacks against Jewish-owned stores, similar to the hostage standoff and killings that took place at the Hyper Cacher grocery store after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January.

As described by the UK Telegraph, the group was supposedly founded in 2010 to “unite young Muslims” and “stop the spread of Islamophobia.” Among its early activities was producing a video glorifying Osama bin Laden, while group leader Mohamed Achamlane was caught in a web forum issuing fulsome praise for mass murderer Mohamed Merah, whose ‘contribution’ to jihad involved shooting up a Jewish school. Achamlane described the school massacre as a “blessing from Allah” and vowed to inflict more “scars on France.”

In later online conversations, police say Achamlane claimed involvement in a 2011 firebomb attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices and “discussed assassinating a French far-Right leader and kidnapping a judge.” A March 2012 raid on Achamlane’s home netted three rifles, three revolvers, “easy recipes” for homemade explosives, a much harder recipe for building a nuclear bomb, and a computer containing a file called “target.txt” listing five Hyper Cacher grocery stores, plus five more Jewish-owned businesses.

Several other members of Forsane Alizza are also facing weapons charges, and a man the Telegraph describes as a “reported sympathizer” of the group, Omar Diaby, “has since notoriously become a top recruitment sergeant of French Islamists for al-Nusra Front, the Syrian jihadist group.”

The Times of Israel adds that prosecutors say group members were undergoing physical training “in order to take part in a jihad” and used their website to call for “an Islamic caliphate in France, the application of Sharia (law) and incited Muslims to unite to prepare for civil war.”

The French government outlawed Forsane Alizza during a crackdown on radicals after Mohamed Merah’s 2012 shooting spree.

Achamlane and his lawyers maintain they were not seriously contemplating a terrorist attack. “It has not been demonstrated that any acts preparing a terrorist action had been taken. This is just assumed,” said defense lawyer Beranger Tourne. Another of the group’s lawyers portrayed their prosecution as an assault on free speech.

The court also noted that Achamlane wrote a letter to investigators from jail denouncing the Charlie Hebdo massacre and subsequent killings at the Hyper Cacher grocery.

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Neo-Nazis attack Jewish memorial in UK and unfurl swastika flag

Neo-Nazis have filmed themselves defacing a Jewish monument in Cannon Hill park, Birmingham – draping a swastika flag and hate slogans over it.

The extremists, from sinister pro-Hitler hate group National Action, also smeared anti-Jewish graffiti onto the park gates.

West Midlands Police are now investigating the attack after a video emerged on YouTube.

It was uploaded from an account linked to National Action, a fascist youth group said to have previously been under investigation by anti-terrorism cops.

The video shows figures spray-painting a Jewish Star of David onto the park gates, with the caption “bankers” and ”1%”before they climb a menorah.

One per cent of the German population was Jewish before the Holocaust.

The men are then seen hanging a Third Reich swastika flag and a billboard with National Action’s logo to the menorah.

The vandals have their faces blurred throughout the video and are wearing latex-gloves to avoid leaving behind fingerprints.

The large menorah, maintained by the Lubavitch Jewish community, has been a popular attraction in the park for years and is lit during Jewish festivals.

The group, National Action, has previously described itself as “the fascists your nan warned you about.”

A previous investigation by the Daily Mirror revealed that National Action was sending its members to paramilitary bootcamps, featuring knife fighting lessons. The camps were run by a fascist fanatic who boasted of building a “new SS” and who was planning to show recruits training videos from the Islamic State.

National Action posters are said to have been found at a dozen UK universities and one alleged leader quit Warwick University after being named in a national newspaper.

The group demonstrated at Nelson Mandela’s statue in London last year and also draped a banner with the slogan, “Anti-Racist is a Codeword for Anti-White” over a bridge in Birmingham.

Inspector Rachel Crump, of West Midlands Police, said: “We are aware of a video on YouTube which appears to show religiously aggravated vandalism in Cannon Hill Park.

“We take reports of hate crime extremely seriously and would urge anyone with information which would help us identify the people in the images to contact police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Read the original article here. Exclusive: Denmark – Is there to be another assault on Jewish life? has frequently covered worrying developments in Denmark as part of its unique global approach. In April we reported on an Anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish deli. Back in February we questioned why 500 Muslim sympathizers decided to attend the funeral of 22-year-old Palestinian-born Omar EL-Hussein who carried out terror attacks on the streets of Copenhagen in Denmark, killing two innocent Danes.

In the latest disturbing twist there appears to be a growing momentum towards another attack on Jewish life, namely circumcision of boys.

Leading politicians having been adding their name against the religious practice. In September 2013, the then Deputy Prime Minister, Margrethe Vestager (from the Social Liberal Party), stated she was opposed to the circumcision of boys. However, in 2014 Camilla Hersom, the Group Secretary of Parliamentary Group on Health explained the party had agreed to follow a ‘middle ground’ policy:

“We are against the boy circumcision undertaken for cultural or religious reasons. We therefore urge the communities who practice it, to leave it. But we are not prepared to impose a ban. We believe that a ban at this stage would do more harm than good.”

Yet other Danish politicians have continued to press for a ban. Ida Auken, Member of Parliament and former Minister for the Environment (she also describes herself as a, “Young Global Leader”), has recently reignited the debate when she said, “Personally, I believe that it is difficult to argue that one should cut healthy male children.” There are other Danish parties, Unity List and the Liberal Alliance, who similarly call for a ban as part of their manifestos.

One of the potential attractions for politicians to jump on this bandwagon is that it appears to have significant public backing. In October 2014, the Danish publication Metro Express reported that a YouGov poll had found nearly three out of four Danes were in favour of a ban on the circumcision of boys.

74% supported a complete or partial ban when it is not for medical reasons, where only 10% were in favour of circumcision.

Naturally, a ban on circumcision for non-medical reasons would not only impact the Danish Jewish community but other religious groups who have it as part of their culture, including Muslims.

Danish community Rabbi Jair Melchior, in response to the YouGov poll, suggested, “The problem is that there are so many claims in the debate on circumcision of boys. If it was a health hazard, we would in the Jewish community be the first to stop. But it is not, he says.”

Another former Danish Government Minister Hans Chr. Schmidt perhaps best epitomises the concern has on this matter when he said, “We’re going to deal with this issue politically within a few years.” Namely, they are simply biding their time!


A new working definition of Anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is not only the oldest hatred, it is also the most enduring, former Canadian justice minister Irwin Cotler said on a panel on the subject at Sunday’s Jerusalem Post Conference in New York’s Times Square.

The panel was called The Alarming Rise of Global Anti-Semitism: A Rapidly Gathering Storm, using a term coined by the late British prime minister Winston Churchill for the rise of Nazi Germany.

Cotler said he recently testified to the United Nations and the Canadian parliament, where he remains an MP, about four metrics for the new anti-Semitism. In doing so, raises the question as to whether Irwin Cotler has, in fact, redefined or rewritten the standard definition of Anti-Semitism?

He said there is:

Genocidal Anti-Semitism such as terror attacks,

Demonological anti-Semitism is deciding Israel is the root of all evil,

Political anti-Semitism denying only the Jews the right to self determination,

and masking anti-Semitism under universal values.

In the final category, Cotler placed the attacks on Israel at the United Nations which he described as being part of an assault on the right of Israel to remain part of the family of nations or exist at all. He explained, the UN condemns Israel 20 times a year and all other countries combined only four.

“Anti-Semitism is being laundered under the struggle against racism,” Cotler said. “The worst thing anyone can say about anyone is they are racist. Apartheid is defined as a crime against humanity. To say Israel is an Apartheid state is to say it has no right to be, and the international community has an obligation to ensure it has no right to be.”

US Special Envoy of the Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, Ira Forman, spoke about dangerous Anti-Semitism in Paris, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, and Turkey. He noted that in Turkey there has been a television show that accuses Jews of a worldwide plot against Turkey, including non-Jewish Charles Darwin as a Jew in that plot, which he said would be funny were it not sad.

“If current negative trends continue certain Jewish communities in Europe that were around 500 years or even 2500 years will be gone,” Forman said. “This is a tragedy.”

Forman lamented that unlike the struggle for Prisoners of Zion when there was one central address at the Kremlin, it is now necessary to confront dozens of countries.

New York University School of Law senior fellow, Thane Rosenbaum, said Europe was starting to realize it had an Islamic problem but lamented that rather than confront Islamic Anti-Semitism it was “leading from behind.”

“All of Europe is appalled by the incredible acts of barbarism committed under the name of Islam,” he said. “European leaders understand that the enemies of Jews are enemies of western civilization.”

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum director Sara Bloomfield said Adolf Hitler counted on the natural human tendency toward apathy. She said Zionist leader Theodore Herzl understood Anti-Semitism as a societal problem that could only be solved by a state.

She said that in a globalized world the power of states was diminishing and the power of individuals was on the rise, so solutions from governments may not be enough. But she said she was encouraged by large events against Anti-Semitism that were attended by non-Jews in huge numbers.

“This is an alarming moment, but a time of great fear requires reat discernment,” Bloomfield said. “Fighting Anti-Semitism will not be easy, and the task will never end, but there are six million reasons why we can never give up.”

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Tony Blair Appointed To New EU Role To Fight Anti-Semitism

The British former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is to take a new role in combating Anti-Semitism in Europe, just days after stepping down as the international community’s Middle East envoy.

ASW35Blair will chair the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, a group which champions legislation and dialogue on tolerance.  He takes over from former Polish president Aleksander Kwasniewski as chairman of the ECTR.

He will head a board that includes former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and ex-Swedish PM Goran Persson.

The European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation describes itself as a non-partisan and non-governmental institution. “It is envisaged to be an opinion-making and advisory body on international tolerance promotion, reconciliation and education. It fosters understanding and tolerance among peoples of various ethnic origin; educates on techniques of reconciliation; facilitates post-conflict social apprehensions; monitors chauvinistic behaviors, proposes protolerance initiatives and legal solutions.”

Writing in The Times newspaper, Blair and businessman Moshe Kantor have argued that racism in the name of religion must be tackled with new laws.

They cited a report by the Kantor Center at Tel Aviv University, which found 2014 was one of the worst years in the past decade for Anti-Semitic incidents.

“As has been said before, but is worth repeating, prejudice and racism often starts with the softest targets, be it Jews or others, but it never ends there. Antisemitism is not a Jewish problem, but one infecting the whole of society and needs to be tackled for the sake of us all,” they wrote.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews welcomed Mr Blair’s appointment.

Senior Vice President Richard Verber said Mr Blair has “proved himself a good friend of the Jewish community” and was “well-placed to bring his experience to the fight against Anti-Semitism and intolerance”.

He won’t be paid in his new role, but his faith foundation will receive an annual donation, according to reports.

Disgraceful hypocrisy of the National Union of Students

In Britain this week, the National Union of Students (NUS) added its name to the Anti-Semitic Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement – demanding sanctions against the State of Israel.

ASW36This is the same National Union of Students that refused to condemn the brutal Islamic State terrorists citing claims of ‘Islamophobia’ and that it would represent a “justification for war”.

The previous motion had suggested the NUS “condemn the IS and support the Kurdish forces fighting against it”.

Daniel Cooper, who tabled the original motion, hit out at the rebels who blocked it and explained “There is a stranglehold of “identity politics” on the student movement.”

That identity politics has played out against Jewish students despite time and again the NUS being warned it can and has provoked anti-Semitism on campuses.

A motion to boycott Israel also effectively tells Israeli students that they are not welcome on campus, simply because of their nationality. It creates a poisonous and divisive atmosphere.

ASW37Indeed, one Union of Jewish Students (UJS) spokesperson present at the vote said: “For all the insistence from campaigners who argue BDS doesn’t target individuals, time and time again this is proven not to be the case;

“Even today at the vote, Jewish students reported to UJS that they felt intimidated and bullied by the antagonistic atmosphere.”

Perhaps the NUS have forgotten the storm BDS caused at King’s College London – in which certain elected student union representatives brought Jewish students to tears. In the words written by one affected Jewish student;

“No minority should feel alienated on campus. As it stands, since I’m a Jew, I’m not made to feel welcome.”

Perhaps equally disturbing is that 20 members of its executive voted against NUS’ longstanding policy of support for the two-state solution – in effect, they voted to express disapproval with the State of Israel’s very existence. comments that if anyone stands for the welfare of all students on campus, they should condemn this petty and divisive action in the strongest terms.

This disgraceful hypocritical vote forces Jewish students to boycott half of the Jewish world! It is effectively targeting a specific ethnic minority to ‘conform’ to a political agenda. That’s discrimination in a nutshell.

The UJS must be supported by strong community leadership to immediately take steps to submit its disaffiliation papers from the NUS. Most important of all is that this same leadership must get the government to follow the lead of a number of US states which is moving towards the removal of funds from institutions or groups which support the BDS movement.

Finally, while the motion’s supporters no doubt spoke of the undoubted tragedy of the conflict, in taking the action they have chosen they advanced not one single constructive to end it!

British politician: ‘Thinks’ he may be Anti-Semitic!

The Daily Mirror has reported that a failed Ukip candidate has revealed that he is a “National Socialist” and spoken of his respect for British fascist leader Oswald Mosley.
Jack Sen, who won 6,058 votes for the party at the 2015 election in Lancashire West, said in a speech to a think-tank this month that Ukip had been “taken over by Jewish special interest groups”.

Sen was suspended from Ukip on May 1st after a series of apparently Anti-Semitic tweets. It was too late for him to be removed from the ballot, but the party explained he would not have been allowed to sit in the House of Commons as a Ukip MP were he elected.

In a speech to far-right group the London Forum, he claimed he had been suspended after a complaint was made by a prominent Jewish member of Ukip.

He said: “I might be naive. I found Ukip organically, I thought it was a great organisation. I don’t know if it’s been hijacked, or I was naive from the beginning and it was already in the pockets of Jewish special interest groups. But I’m afraid that at this point it has been taken over.”

He adds “I have a bad feeling that something stinks.”
A Ukip spokesman said: “Jack Sen was suspended when we became aware of his views, and has since left the party.”

A video of the speech emerged just the day after Sen told Channel 4 News he was a “national socialist” and praised Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell.

He said: “If national socialist means that I love my country, believe in a strong national identity, will fight to preserve our culture and want a strong society, safety net for the poor, national healthcare etc. then certainly I see myself as a national socialist.”

National Socialism is the full name of Hitler’s Nazi party.
In his speech he said: “”I know the way I think and it might be Anti-Semitic, I’m not sure.”

When the London Forum member who introduced Mr Sen made reference to his suspension for Anti-Semitism, it was met with applause and cheers from the audience.

Sen took a question after his speech from an audience member who claimed to have been “expelled from Ukip” – but said he still worked for the party “incognito.”

A Ukip spokesperson said they found it unbelievable nor could they identify the audience member, but would look into it.

Sen gave his speech to the London Forum, a group that describes itself as a “non-party aligned conference group for nationalists,identitarians, thinkers and commentators from across the Right”.