What did respondents to our Anti-Semitism survey have to say – direct quotes!

On 1st July 2015 AntiSemitismWatch.com presented to the world the results of its unique survey concentrating, for the very first time, on the Ultra Orthodox communities in the UK.

Here we present a range of the direct quotes respondents left in answering our survey:

Q5 asked respondents what the nature of the Anti-Semitism was that they had witnessed or experienced? Comments left suggested that a significant source was the internet, including;


“Social media”


“In the media particularly via BDS movement etc.”

Q7 asked why some respondents had witnessed / experienced Anti-Semitism but not reported it? Comments included;

“Police do not look to see it as hate but as just anti social behaviour.”

“Police and CST wast of time.”

Q10 asked respondents if they believed the long-term future of the Jewish community in the UK was viable and / or secure? Comments included;

“I believe the present Government is concerned and are taking steps, such as policing at synagogues, Jewish schools etc.”

“There is definitely a problem with regards to situations in Israel and the incitement by the British media against Israel as this has a direct effect on the local community.”

Concern was also expressed by some respondents on the impact of Islam.

Under the ‘any other comments sections?’ respondents suggested;

“We have to work with other communities and unite to combat prejudice. Peaceful but determined working together.”

“If I heard anyone being negative about Jews I would go mad. We have to all stand up to anti-semitism. The media should do more.”

“Nice to see police really heavy on patrol especially in the Jewish holiday seasons.”

“As a Muslim I have noticed that a lot of young British Pakistani youths are totally misinformed about people who are Jewish and their distaste for them is historical. In other words their families have brought with them from Pakistan a serious Anti Semitic viewpoint of which they try to justify religiously. Totally unacceptable!”

“Because we are rather ‘in the sticks’ we don’t have the same amount of problems as in the bigger cities, although of course this could change as more and more houses are built and our population gets larger.”

“The community needs to come together on this with one voice and be supported by police and politicians and media.”

“The virulent anti-Israel rhetoric that is being heard on a regular basis (even from certain sitting MPs) is often a mask for anti-Semitism, and is fueling rising prejudice towards Jews. Biased reporting of Israel from major news outlets is further inflaming the situation.”

“Anti Israel media reports give a skewed are often outright lies that would not be accepted by any other ethnic group. This, in the minds of the populous seems to then reveal itself as pure antisemitism. Nothing is done to prevent or curtail media bias, thus the world rise in antisemitism. Stop media bias and in my opinion antisemitism would decline as well.”

“A orthodox crime reporting organisation should be set up, the orthodox are hesitant to contact cst.”

“I think this is exactly the type of questions that others have been too frightened to ask in the past. Well done!”


German group starts ‘Rent A Jew’ project

A “Rent a Jew” project has been established by the Munich based Janusz Korczak Academy that seeks to create contact between German Jews and non-Jewish Germans.

Eva Haller, a member of the academy’s board of directors, speaking to The Jerusalem Post said the project has a “provocative name” and aims “to engage young people on the grassroots level.”

“Many people in Germany have not had a chance to meet Jews in Germany,” she said. The German Jewish participants are under 30 and have completed their high school degree. There are approximately 20 German Jews involved in the project and the number will continue to grow, said Haller.

The young German Jews are available to speak before schools, religious groups, and other institutions.

Haller said the purpose of the interactions with non-Jews will “not be to clarify religious or political questions, “rather to build interpersonal contacts for young people.”

However, she said, the participants are trained to answer political or religious questions.


AntiSemitismWatch.com Anti-Semitism Survey Results

coollogo_com-23172872AntiSemitismWatch.com conducted a unique survey concentrating, for the very first time, on the Ultra Orthodox communities in the UK.

Conducted between 14th March 2015 and 14th May 2015, 356 total responses were received with 56% of respondents self-describing themselves as belonging to the Hasidic or Haredi communities. A further 22% self-identified themselves as belonging to United or Federation communities.

The theory tested was whether the day-to-day experience of the most visible sections of the UK Jewish community was different to the general community typically represented in UK Anti-Semitism figures.

Of all the respondents, 77% had witnessed or experienced Anti-Semitism in the previous 12 months.

Of those, 49% had witnessed or experienced 3 or more Anti-Semitic incidents (8% had witnessed or experienced 10 or more Anti-Semitic incidents in the previous 12 months).

The type of Anti-Semitic incidents respondents had witnessed or experienced were:

  • 82% Verbal assault
  • 38% Intimidation or harassment
  • 30% Indirect, i.e. overheard
  • 23% Damage to property
  • 10% Physical assault
  • 3% Employment related.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority (59%) had never reported these incidents to the police or a third-party organisation, a potentially shocking indictment on the reliability of UK Anti-Semitism figures typically reported.

This is especially unfortunate because of those that had reported the matter to police or a third-party organisation 54% were satisfied with the overall response. This does strongly indicate the real value in reporting such matters particularly since 70% of those that had not reported the matter had believed ‘nothing would happen or change’.

A huge 87% of all respondents believed that Anti-Semitism had increased over the previous 12 months which probably accounted for why 58% either were uncertain or did not believe the long-term future of the UK Jewish community was secure and / or viable. Nevertheless, that meant a large proportion of respondents did believe the community had a secure and / or viable future.

ASW.com commentary:

The results of our unique survey strongly suggests the need for a more detailed follow-up to properly understand just how significant the impact of Anti-Semitism is on the most visible sections of the UK Jewish community.

AntiSemitismWatch.com believes such an approach will greatly enhance the accuracy and reliability of UK Anti-Semitic rates. As we have always said, only by understanding the true global context of Antisemitism can we properly start to understand and challenge this evil.

ASW40One great shame in conducting this survey was the apparent non-engagement from many community leaders and organisations in promoting this survey. The closest appropriate analogy appeared to be an ostrich with its head in the sand! ASW.com says, wake-up and take your position of responsibility seriously!





United Nations reminded “Terror is Terror”

Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor to the United Nations wrote to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, explaining that he expects him to condemn the latest Palestinian Authority terrorist attack, which killed Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld and wounded three others Monday night.

ASW39Prosor noted that since the beginning of the Muslim month of Ramadan, “There has been a dramatic increase in attacks against Israelis – part of a global surge of terrorism.”

“I write to you for the second time in less than two weeks to ​inform you that yet another citizen of Israel has been brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists…..

Each day seems to bring with it news of a shooting attack, or a stabbing. Just yesterday, a terrorist stabbed a 19-year old female soldier next to Rachel’s Tomb, causing severe injuries. These attacks are a direct result of incitement by the Palestinian Authority in the media and in its education system. Even after this latest incident, the leadership of the PA remains silent, failing to condemn the murder of innocent people.”

Prosor noted that the United Nations condemned “in the strongest terms” last week’s terror stacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.”

The Ambassador reminded the Secretary General, “We join in your call that ‘those responsible for these appalling acts of violence must be swiftly brought to justice’ and that ‘these heinous attacks will only strengthen the commitment of the United Nations to help defeat those bent on murder, destruction and the annihilation of human development and culture.

I expect you to condemn the terrorist attacks in Israel in an equally decisive manner.

Terror is terror, no matter where it takes place, or who is harmed. The people of Israel deserve the same level of concern and empathy as any other people in the world.


Good news at last for French Jews

Elsewhere in the world, unveiling plans for a new Jewish cultural center might merit little more than a cocktail reception. But in Paris, France, where Jews have been the target of rising anti-Semitic violence, the event was significantly more elaborate, with French Jewish leaders touting the blueprints as proof of the community’s viability and the government’s support for its survival.

The $11 million center, which is slated to open in 2017, will house a large synagogue, two exhibition halls, a gymnasium, offices and a large terrace to accommodate a sukkah. The complex, whose ground-up construction is scheduled to begin this week, will be situated on about 45,000 square feet in the posh and heavily Jewish 17th arrondissement, or district, of Paris.

First, however, several million dollars must be raised for its construction.

To that end, hundreds of guests including French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, the film director Claude Lanzmann and Maurice Levy, CEO of the advertising giant the Publicis Groupe, came out for a gala dinner. The singer-songwriter Enrico Macias, an Algeria-born Jew, performed at the gathering held at the ornate City Hall here, the Hotel de Ville.



On Monday, during a speech at the Elysee Palace, French President Francois Hollande said the new cultural center is “the best answer to those who think that the future of the Jews of France is elsewhere.”

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said that for her, “the center is a way to express our determination, after the bloodbath at the Hyper Cacher” and to “make not only France but all of Europe a place where Jews continue to feel comfortable to live.”


Still, news of the new center is already inspiring French Jews far from Paris, including Toulouse, where the president of the local Jewish community recommended young Jews immigrate to Israel or other countries “where they can thrive in open Judaism” without fear.

“The new center won’t change our lives or allay our fears, but it’s a symbol that we’re here to stay and we don’t have too many of those,” Avraham Weill, the Chief Rabbi of Toulouse.

Read more here.

“Britain’s Schindler”, Sir Nicholas Winton, has died

Tributes have poured in for Sir Nicholas Winton, who was called “Britain’s Schindler” for saving the lives of Jewish children during the Holocaust, after he died aged 106.

Winton organised eight trains to carry 669 children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia to London in 1939, fearing they would otherwise be sent to concentration camps.

He also helped to find foster families for the children once they arrived in England, but did not reveal his astonishing bravery for half a century, even to his wife.

Home Secretary Theresa May, MP for Maidenhead where Sir Nicholas was a resident, said he was a “hero of the 20th century”.

She said: “Against the odds, he almost single-handedly rescued hundreds of children, mostly Jewish, from the Nazis – an enduring example of the difference that good people can make even in the darkest of times.

“Because of his modesty, this astonishing contribution only came to light many years later. So many people owe their lives to Nicholas and it was fitting that, in his later years, he finally received the recognition he deserved.

“Maidenhead is rightly proud of all that he did, and we must ensure that his legacy lives on by continuing to tackle anti-Semitism and discrimination wherever it arises.”

ASW38Sir Nicholas, from a German-Jewish family, received a knighthood in 2003 and a Hero of the Holocaust medal at Downing Street in 2010 from Gordon Brown.

Brown said: “Anyone who had the privilege of meeting him immediately felt admiration, respect and were in awe of his courage.

“That courage led him to risk his life to save the lives of some of the most vulnerable people. His inspiration will live on.”

On his 105th birthday, the founder of the Czech Kindertransport operation was given a cake and card at his home in Maidenhead by newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, who is a member of the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission, and visited by Vera Schaufeld, one of the children he saved.

Kaplinksy said: “Our country should be so proud of Sir Nicholas Winton. In the darkest moments of our history he showed how the best of humanity can still shine through.

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