Anti-Semitism Survey Results conducted a unique survey concentrating, for the very first time, on the Ultra Orthodox communities in the UK.

Conducted between 14th March 2015 and 14th May 2015, 356 total responses were received with 56% of respondents self-describing themselves as belonging to the Hasidic or Haredi communities. A further 22% self-identified themselves as belonging to United or Federation communities.

The theory tested was whether the day-to-day experience of the most visible sections of the UK Jewish community was different to the general community typically represented in UK Anti-Semitism figures.

Of all the respondents, 77% had witnessed or experienced Anti-Semitism in the previous 12 months.

Of those, 49% had witnessed or experienced 3 or more Anti-Semitic incidents (8% had witnessed or experienced 10 or more Anti-Semitic incidents in the previous 12 months).

The type of Anti-Semitic incidents respondents had witnessed or experienced were:

  • 82% Verbal assault
  • 38% Intimidation or harassment
  • 30% Indirect, i.e. overheard
  • 23% Damage to property
  • 10% Physical assault
  • 3% Employment related.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority (59%) had never reported these incidents to the police or a third-party organisation, a potentially shocking indictment on the reliability of UK Anti-Semitism figures typically reported.

This is especially unfortunate because of those that had reported the matter to police or a third-party organisation 54% were satisfied with the overall response. This does strongly indicate the real value in reporting such matters particularly since 70% of those that had not reported the matter had believed ‘nothing would happen or change’.

A huge 87% of all respondents believed that Anti-Semitism had increased over the previous 12 months which probably accounted for why 58% either were uncertain or did not believe the long-term future of the UK Jewish community was secure and / or viable. Nevertheless, that meant a large proportion of respondents did believe the community had a secure and / or viable future. commentary:

The results of our unique survey strongly suggests the need for a more detailed follow-up to properly understand just how significant the impact of Anti-Semitism is on the most visible sections of the UK Jewish community. believes such an approach will greatly enhance the accuracy and reliability of UK Anti-Semitic rates. As we have always said, only by understanding the true global context of Antisemitism can we properly start to understand and challenge this evil.

ASW40One great shame in conducting this survey was the apparent non-engagement from many community leaders and organisations in promoting this survey. The closest appropriate analogy appeared to be an ostrich with its head in the sand! says, wake-up and take your position of responsibility seriously!





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