The anti-Semitic state of Britain

On the back of learning that anti-Semitic attacks in London have increased by 61 per cent over the course of the last year, according to figures from the Metropolitan Police, brings you the latest news from around the UK.

Between November 2014 and November 2015, a total of 483 such crimes were committed, up from 299 during the same period of the previous year.

Just days ago a group of Neo-Nazis staged a rally in Newcastle, England, featuring a banner with the words “Refugees Not Welcome, Hitler was Right,” accompanied by a picture of Adolf Hitler’s face. The rally was staged by members of the radical right-wing “National Action” group as a flash mob, a tactic used by other extremist groups to gain attention.

Assembling in front of a WWII monument in the Newcastle center, the Neo-Nazis made trademark Hitler salutes while shouting racist slogans, to the shock and amazement of passerby.

Understandably, many Jewish groups have been deeply disturbed by the openly anti-Semitic display.

Just yesterday police announced they were  investigating after two swastikas were daubed on a wall in North London.

The symbols were plastered onto a residential building on Highgate Road in Kentish Town.

Attending officers found offensive graffiti drawn onto a wall of the building and informed the local authority who removed it. No arrests have been made.

Conservative councillor for Housing and Community Safety, Oliver Cooper, reported the graffiti to the police. Speaking to Jewish News he said: “This appalling incident is only the latest in a sad escalation of hate crimes and hate speech: whether it’s graffiti swastikas, or hatred on social media.  It’s important that everyone tackles this head-on.  I will be asking Camden Council what’s being done to reverse this rising tide of hate locally, and make sure we keep the community safe.”


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