UN Secretary General confirms AntiSemitismWatch correct

On 25th January AntiSemitismWatch published a Special Report entitled ‘The Absurdity that is the United Nations’. We explained that at this time of rising anxiety and concern amongst Jewish communities across the world, driven by violent and non-violent anti-Semitism, the UN through its actions and words has demonstrated that it is no longer the beacon of hope it was created to be.

Now the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has confirmed our report as correct. In a move that can only be described as seeking to justify terrorism, Ban equated its Jewish victims with those murderers killed while trying to stab, shoot and run them over.

In remarks last week to the Security Council, Ban suggested, “Palestinian frustration is growing under the weight of a half century of occupation and the paralysis of the peace process… It is human nature to react to occupation, which often serves as a potent incubator of hate and extremism.”

Ban Ki-moon, does he understand the impact of his words?
Ban Ki-moon, does he understand the impact of his words?

“Stabbings, vehicle attacks and shootings by Palestinians targeting Israeli civilians – all of which I condemn – and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, have continued to claim lives,” Ban also said.

Could this be a slip of the secretary-general’s tongue: He condemns “targeting Israeli civilians,” but not soldiers? Is he therefore suggesting that the many attacks on soldiers are justifiable, since they are agents of an occupying army? If this differentiation is not part of a new UN policy, Ban could simply have said “targeting Israelis” and condemned the violence against all.

Benjamin Netanyahu was blunt in his response: “They want to murder Jews for being Jews and they say this openly. They do not murder for peace and they do not murder for human rights.”

World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder highlighted the danger inherent in the secretary-general’s words. “Mr. Ban’s statement will only encourage Palestinians to carry out more of the barbaric attacks we have seen in recent weeks. Crimes that are understood to be unacceptable in Paris and in Brussels – the random murder of people in the street or in their homes – cannot be somehow explained away when it comes to Israel.”

AntiSemitismWatch suggests that Ban takes time to reflect upon his words and the impact it has on those Jews subject to or concerned about anti-Semitism in all its extremes and those enemies who will only take heart from them.

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