AntiSemitismWatch Exclusive: Coverage of Senior Officer’s Visit to London Shomrim

coollogo_com-23172872An exclusive report by AntiSemitismWatch covering the visit by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball, the National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, who visited Stamford Hill, London for a unique meeting or with The Rabbinate and a tour of the community. DAC Ball was invited by KASPA.

DAC Helen Ball
DAC Helen Ball

KASPA is headed up by the askun Michael Green who has over 40 years experience in protective security within the Kehillah and has 150 volunteers with over 200 more currently going through an intensive 6 months training course. KASPA

The visit lasted over the course of three hours and started with a presentation at Interlink on the size and dynamics of the Orthodox Jewish Communities in London. This then progressed onto a meeting with the Rabbinate and a discussion with the Dayonim on the potential community threats and the protective action being taken by the UK government and security services. The Dayonim were extremely thankful to the Police for all the work they do in keeping the Kehillah safe.IMG-20160211-WA0002

The visit then moved on to Bobov shul and kindergarten, a tour of the Hatzola ambulance base and then to Bobov school where DAC Ball had a chance to meet the teachers and chat with the girls during their lunch break.

IMG-20160211-WA0003Shomrim committee members and Reb Hershel Gluck also joined the visit to explain Shomrim’s extraordinary partnership work with the police in keeping the Kehillah safe. DAC Ball was particularly thankful to Shomrim for their assistance with dealing with hate crime.

The visit concluded with lunch at Parkside restaurant where a plaque was presented to the DAC by askon Mr Michael Green.

IMG-20160211-WA0009DAC Ball she said of the visit, “I have been greatly honoured to receive the invitation by KASPA and Shomrim for the visit today. It has been wonderful to meet everyone. I must say that the highlights were the visits to the schools where I met so many wonderful students.

I am very grateful for the welcome I have received by KASPA and Shomrim and for their outstanding work.”

DAC Helen Ball enjoying a warm welcome from the students of Bobov Kindergarten.

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