Rank hypocrisy of National Union of Students… again

In June 2015, AntiSemitismWatch reported on the utter rank hypocrisy of the National Union of Students (NUS) in its refusal to condemn the brutal Islamic State terrorists while voting in favour of BDS against Israel. At the time citing claims of ‘Islamophobia’ and that it would represent a “justification for war”.

Megan Dunn, NUS President.
Megan Dunn, NUS President.

Unfortunately, just today the NUS National Executive Council showed that it had not mended its way. For despite a passionate plea from their own President, Megan Dunn, and agreeing to vote in favour of opposing anti-Semitic, the council showed its true colours by removing the right for Jewish students to have guaranteed representation in the Anti-Racism, Anti-Fascism (ARAF) campaign. Jewish students are now the only group who are not represented by any of the NUS liberation campaigns.

Russell Langar, Union of Jewish Students campaigns director, called the move , “An absolute disgrace.”

While Richard Brooks, running as NUS Vice President candidate tweeted, “The hypocrisy is this room is breathtaking.”


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  1. malgré de l’etat d’urgence le prefecture de police a Paris a authorise le demonstration “B.D.S.” pour ce samedi!!

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