David Irving has ‘nowhere’ to stay for speech

The British Holocaust denier David Irving has had his hotel reservation cancelled at the Mercure hotel in The Hague where he was to give a lecture on Thursday.

The hotel told him he was not welcome after consultation with The Hague council. Irving, who was to give a lecture entitled Hitler, Himmler and the Homosexuals, has been barred from several countries and was jailed in 2006 in Austria for denying or minimizing the Jewish genocide.

Irving getting the sort of reception some feel he deserves.
Irving getting the sort of reception some feel he deserves.

Among those protesting at Irving’s visit was the Dutch Israeli information centre CIDI which pointed out that he would be here on the day the Netherlands is commemorating the February strike of 1941. 75 years It is 75 years ago on Thursday that workers in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas went on strike in a protest against what was to be the beginning of the large-scale persecution of Jews in the Netherlands.

CIDI also called on “all owners of event halls in The Hague to offer no platform to the convict”.

The council says it cannot prevent him coming to The Hague, but only encourage venues not to give him a platform.

AntiSemitismWatch congratulates the Mercure Hotel!

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