Shameful anti-Semitic abuse following Tottenham game

Italian journalist David Guetta (not to be mistaken with the French DJ) has covered Fiorentina for many years. He’s a proud Florentine, who obviously has a Jewish name.

guettadavidppAfter the match at White Hart Lane on Thursday evening, Guetta took the tube back to central London and was recognised by a group of Fiorentina fans. As Guetta explained via Firenze Viola. Those fans then started to bombard him with anti-Semitic abuse.

The supporters are said to have sung: ‘David Guetta there is a train to Mauthausen waiting for you.’

The reference was obviously to Mauthausen Concentration Camp, and Guetta was left very disappointed in the behaviour of his fellow Florentines.

Guetta isn’t the only one angered, the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, has come out and slammed those responsible, and said the entire city stands in solidarity with the journalist.

Nardella said, “The incident happened toward our journalist and friend David Guetta is shameful and unacceptable. The sport is not and should not be this and Florence must strongly condemn these despicable acts which are unworthy of a civilised society.”

Guetta himself said he has found in Florence,  “A form of creeping racism that can not stand.” He signed off with a challenge, “I have no special relationship with the Jewish community, but rather as a citizen I feel sick to have to deal with these people. I look proudly next chorus, so go ahead, cowards.”

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