Best ever response to anti-Semitism? Go win an Oscar!

In January, AntiSemitismWatch reported that Some Hungarians had responded with anti-Semitic abuse to the news that “Son of Saul”, a film set during the Holocaust, may win this year’s Academy Award for best foreign film.

With some labelling it “Holokamu” (Holocaust con or hoax), one Holocaust-denier described it as “Science fiction!” on his Facebook page.

Well, in the best tradition of serving up an appropriate response, win an Oscar is precisely what the film went and did last night!


It really is enough to make one smile 🙂

One thought on “Best ever response to anti-Semitism? Go win an Oscar!”

  1. the film “son of saul” explained the trouth history about my people jewis from hungary!!
    deported more of 657000!!surviving only maybee 20000!!
    my family was 39 person gased in Birkenau vernichtungslager at Mai 1944!

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