Nazi salutes, swastika graffiti and violence on the streets of Liverpool

A far right group, the North West Infidels, caused mayhem and violence over the weekend on the streets of Liverpool.

Their street protest was symbolised by nazi salutes, swastikas being graffitied on St George’s Hall in the city centre as well as violence. Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Holland of Merseyside Police explained, “During the incident one of our officers was hit with a missile and was taken to hospital suffering from concussion.”

Police made 34 arrests on the day of the protest and vowed to continue investigating those behind the criminal behaviour. The policing on the day is believed to have cost Merseyside Police £60,000 after the Infidels switched from Manchester to Liverpool at the eleventh hour.

On their Facebook site the Infidels posted one message that said: “We held St George’s Hall for over four hours. Or anyway we stood on the steps. We held the steps! Not anyone can hold steps, but we did. Our Polish Nazi brothers held some steps too. The police looked after us while we did it, so we threw rocks at them. Get f****** used to it.

IMG_20160301_133526“To all that stood by us – We Salute You, Nazi style. For all that oppose us – you just try holding some steps.”

In the aftermath of Saturday’s chaos the anti-extremist campaign group Hope Not Hate has called on the police and government to address neo-Nazi marches, accusing organisers of arranging “recreational conflict and terror”.

A spokesman said: “This was another clear and cynical attempt by neo-nazis to start a riot in Liverpool, a city they quite clearly hate for its tolerance and diversity. They even imported Polish neo-nazis to help them and this failed, only because once more the good people of Liverpool stood firm against them.”

The Liverpool Echo believes it has identified some of the main Infidel protagonists including an anti-Semitism supporter jailed for subjecting a Liverpool MP to a torrent of abuse, a former BNP activist and another right-wing activist previously jailed for storming an anti-facist meeting in Liverpool.

AntiSemitismWatch highly recommends to its readers the comprehensive reports and investigation of The Liverpool Echo.

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