LSE student seeking election apologises for anti-Semitic comment

Rayhan Uddin, who is running for student union president at a leading UK university, the London School of Economics, has expressed regret for using the term ‘Zio’. He claimed he was unaware of the term being “associated with far-right anti-Semitic groups.”

Rayhan Uddin - Facebook photo
Rayhan Uddin – Facebook photo

Posting on Facebook, Uddin, expressed his regret if he had “appeared to endorse in any way the foul ideology of anti-Semitism.”

In an extensive online message, Udin alluded to the impact of the BDS movement acknowledging, “There is an unfortunate atmosphere of polarisation between Muslim and Jewish students on campuses across the UK in large part due to this conflict.”

Having previously claimed that the election of a pro-Israel student would “‘be awful for Muslims and pro-Palestine activists across the whole country’”, he further apologised that it had been, “wrong to frame the issue in such over-general terms.”

However, not everyone was willing to unconditionally accept Uddin’s apology. One Facebook user, Joe Grabiner, responded by saying, “I’m really upset and still really angry to see that you’ve misunderstood the concerns of Jewish students as laid out in the JSoc statement regarding this weird implication of a shadowy Zionist conspiracy. If you had only said that ‘Zionists and anti-Zionists alike will be taking an interest in the campaign’ then ok. But you didn’t. You suggested that Jay (an ex GenSec) who now works for a Labour MP, and a current LSE student, who is the future Pres of UJS [Union of Jewish Students], and others, had some particular coordinated interest in this election. This absolutely DOES come across as conspiratorial to lots and lots of Jews on campus and I wish you could have recognised that too. To implicate the UJS, the umbrella body that represents all varied Jewish student interests’ in this county, in some overarching Zionist plot feels really nasty. It’s very hard for me to accept that most minority groups on campus get to call-out what they find offensive (and they are respected and believed) but Jewish claims somehow get explained away or put into context. I’m angry.”

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