See the net result of what BDS encourages on campuses

The net effect of the BDS movement and its associated acolytes (a term AntiSemitismWatch has coined to refer to such protests as Israeli Apartheid Week) has been widely recognised as creating a climate of fear and intimidation that has spread across university and college campuses towards Jewish students and organisations. The evidence is overwhelming and is covered almost daily in the media both mainstream and social. BDS drives this, in part, through its lack of respect for the dignity of the individual and for the rights of others to hold and express different intellectual positions. In part, it is also driven by straightforward, old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

In the UK, the fallout from the Oxford University Labour Club allegations continue and the Kristallnacht analogy of the protester actions at King’s College London are ingrained in our minds.

While in the US, reports continue to surface of anti-Semitic occurrences or anti-Semitic graffiti being plastered across college campuses. Just looking at reports in the last 24 hours brings home the shocking reality:

Indiana via WBAY – Only two weeks after the University of Wisconsin in Madison made headlines after a student’s dorm was covered with swastikas and pictures of Adolf Hitler, now another Big Ten school reports yet another case of anti-Semitism.

A swastika and anti-Semitic slur were found on Purdue University’s campus Monday. The messages were written on a whiteboard outside of an office for the American Studies Program.


Ohio via Religion News Service – Imagine: you’re a parent of a Jewish kid, and you’ve forked over more than $64 000 for that kid to attend Oberlin College. The last thing either you or your kid expected was to encounter anti-Jewish hatred on campus.

Dr. Joy Karega, an assistant professor of rhetoric and composition at Oberlin, has been posting anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and anti-Semitic diatribes on her Facebook page. She has said that “Israel and Zionist Jews” were behind the 9/11 attacks; that the Mossad orchestrated the Charlie Hebdo attack, and that Israel is responsible for ISIS.

Yesterday, the college’s reaction to Karega got sharper; its board of trustees denounced her posts as “anti-Semitic and abhorrent.”

But, it gets worse.

Every student on the Oberlin campus received an anonymous email with this message: “The state of Israel, Zionist Jews are pure evil. They did 9/11.” This is no coincidence. There is a straight line from Professor Karena’s feverish rantings to this mass email, which was either inspired by, or emboldened by, her hateful rhetoric.

The daughter of a friend of mine attends Oberlin. These are her words: “As a supporter of Israel, I no longer feel safe on this campus.”

Connecticut via Jewish – A Connecticut College professor has told colleagues that his school has grown so hostile toward Jews that he can no longer recommend Jewish students or professors study or teach at the college.

“In my opinion, this harassment of Jews on campus in the name of fighting for social justice should end; immediately,” wrote Spencer J. Pack, an economics professor, in a faculty-wide email.

AntiSemitismWatch has merely provided a narrow snapshot of the impact BDS is having. We have deliberately limited the scale of coverage for illustrative purposes. Be under no illusion, the anti-Semitism being generated via BDS is international in scale.

AntiSemitismWatch is pushing for university trustees and heads, governments and politicians to wake up to what is going on and robustly address the reality that Jewish students and communities are being confronted with.

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