Unspeakable anti-Semitism: Anne Frank School hit by swastika vandalism

Vicenza, Italy – In an act of the most unspeakable and disgraceful anti-Semitism, a swastika and other hateful graffiti has been daubed on the name plate of the Anne Frank middle school.

The vandalism, which has also targeted the nearby Manzoni elementary school, shocked students and teachers earlier this week when they arrived for their usual school day.italy school

The outer wall of the school was defaced with seriously offensive remarks as well as the anti-Semitic graffiti explained the school’s deputy head, Alessandra Mantiero.

After targeting the Anne Frank school, the offenders turned their attention to the elementary school in Via Lorenzoni. With the same spray paint they soiled school bell and a plaque. They also toppled some pot plants in the children’s garden and even tried to start a fire.

The school had only recently hosted a Holocaust Day of Remembrance talk.

A school governor, Claudio Molon, said, “I am very disappointed. These were gestures dictated by ignorance expressed in acts of vandalism. The contempt demonstrated of the school is augmented by the contempt for a name that is synonymous with persecution, Anne Frank. ”

The hateful inscriptions have been covered and soon will be deleted. Barbara Gasparella, president of the school’s Parents Committee agreed, “It’s a very serious act. We are in solidarity with the teachers. We have scheduled a meeting of the parents’ committee and certainly we will address this issue. ”

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