Well done to New York for standing up to anti-Semitism

AntiSemitismWatch congratulates the organisers of a rally held on Sunday to focus attention on the increasing number of anti-Semitic incidents happening in New York City.

We have previously reported on the concerns being raised at City University of New York (CUNY) where anti-Israel protest has strayed across into anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Also, in February this year, a red “KKK” and swastika were found in the Sheepshead Bay area while  a swastika was drawn on the windshield of a car, owned by a Jewish male. Both swastika incidents occurred less than a mile from Holocaust Memorial Park in a District with one of the largest populations of Holocaust survivors.

The rally was organised by local elected officials and a local radio station, Davidzon Radio 620 AM. Over 400 people, including Holocaust survivors and WW II veterans, gathered in front of  Sheepshead Bay’s Holocaust Memorial Park’s headstones and eternal light.

“These tombstones are more than just a link to the past.  They must serve as a reminder that we cannot remain silent. It is our duty as members of a free society to speak out when we learn of anti-Semitic or similar acts of hatred.  An act of anti-Semitism anywhere is wrong, but to perpetrate such acts in this beautiful community, home to so many Holocaust survivors, is horrendous,”  said Ari Kagan, a local District leader.

Ari Kagan
Ari Kagan

“Purim – a holiday commemorating the Jewish people’s victory over an oppressor −  is less than two weeks away.  It reminds us that we must take a stand against those who have evil intentions against us. Potential perpetrators of anti-Semitism must know that hate has no place in our neighborhood. Government leaders must know that we expect them to be proactive in preventing future hate crimes and aggressive in investigating and prosecuting when an act of hate does occur,” said Margarita Kagan.

AntiSemitismWatch suggests this is the sort of grassroot action others can take a lead from.

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