Nazi propaganda on YouTube – Male charged

An 18-year-old Potsdam resident, until just recently a local school student, has been charged over his anti-Semitic postings on YouTube.

Names only partially by local newspaper, Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten as Morten E., his postings included Holocaust denial, and glorification of the Nazi regime.

He drew much of his diatribe from revisionist information found on the Internet. He suggested this was material not taught in schools. His ‘role models’ included Horst Mahler, Bernhard Schaub and Ursula Haverbeck – all convicted Holocaust deniers.

He also displayed right-wing extremist tendencies in school, questioning the credibility of eyewitness reports from the concentration camps during history lessons according to some of his classmates.

The school management had taken some action in the summer of 2015 because of videos plastered onto YouTube by Morton. Multiple meetings between the school administration and Morton were held, but he remained unrepentant. This remained the case even following visits to former concentration camps or the location of the Wannsee Conference.

youtubeIn February this year another YouTuber,  “Julien”, had ended up in court for posting a video of trains with people and an empty gas chamber in relation to a recent railway strike and commenting: “Gasifying these bastards. Do you remember how the Jews were transported on trains to Auschwitz? ”

He received an eight month prison sentence, suspended for three years on probation. In addition, the YouTuber had to pay a fine of EUR 15,000.

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