Labour Peer threatens to quit party over anti-Semitism

One of our most widely read and discussed reports in recent times was titled,  “The inconvenient truth for the left and why Labour is in such a mess.” It would appear that the furore behind the headline shows little sign of abating. Indeed, matters are potentially going to get even worse for its embattled leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Lord Levy

The party’s former chief fundraiser, Lord Levy, has threatened to quit the party unless more efforts are made to address growing allegations of anti-Semitism plaguing its ranks.

“Anti-Semitism in any political party cannot be tolerated and it is for the leadership to make that absolutely clear,” Lord Levy — who served under former prime minister Tony Blair — said in a Sky News interview. “If they don’t make that clear, then I will start to question myself and actually question my being a Labour peer.”

“It is now up to leadership to make sure that there is a clear and unequivocal message out there that anti-Semitism in any form will not be tolerated within the Labour Party,” Levy continued.

“The leadership must come out with that message in absolutely a specific way because from my perspective — being a member of this party — that is of paramount importance to me.”

However, Corbyn’s is still grappling, amongst other things, with the fallout from his endorsement of enemies of the Israel, including the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah.

Corbyn has rejected accusations that he endorses anti-Semites as “ludicrous and wrong,” and reiterated statements on his determination to fight racism in all its forms. But many British Jews remain suspicious in view of his public endorsements and the stream of allegations emerging out of the left’s dalience with the BDS movement.


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