Appointment to Romainian State TV Board causes outcry over “anti-Semitic sympathies”

The Romanian parliament has appointed Oana ‘Nancy’ Stanciulescu, a well-known national journalist, to the board of the country’s public television station, TVR.

The appointment has drawn widespread criticism over what has been described by the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest as her openly, “anti-Semitic sympathies”.

The Elie Wiesel Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania also issued a statement suggesting that the appointment is disrespectful to the, “Memory of Holocaust victims and survivors.”

Romanian journalist Oana Stanciulescu on March 8, 2016. (Screen capture: YouTube)

Her place on the 13-member board and the reactions against it is a reflection of the difficulty Romanians have had in coming to terms with their history in the quarter-century since communism ended.

Romania only began to commemorate the Holocaust in 2004 and some Romanians still doubt the Nazi-allied government’s responsibility and the extent of atrocities that happened on Romanian territory.

Indeed, the Israeli Embassy’s statement suggested, “Ms. Stănciulescu questioned the existence of the Holocaust.”

” We would like to note that such a decision [the appointment to the board] may have a significant negative impact in terms of the objective presentation of historical facts and the promotion of democracy, especially to the young generation, who are vulnerable to any misinformation ” warns the diplomatic representation.

When  Stanciulescu’s appointment was debated and approved by the country’s parliament – one MP, Cristina Anghel, praised the Romanian Legionary Movement, implicitly involved in the commission of the Romanian Holocaust of its Jews, while another, Puiu Hasotti, recited the poetry of the notorious Radu Gyr, commander of one of the Legion’s death squads.

During World War II, about 280,000 Jews and 11,000 Roma were killed in Romania and areas it controlled as an ally of Nazi Germany.

A petition against the appointment of Stănciulescu has been initiated although the government has suggested it is not considering another appointment.




2 thoughts on “Appointment to Romainian State TV Board causes outcry over “anti-Semitic sympathies””

  1. Avraam a fost descendent al lui Sem.
    Ismael si Isaac erau fiii lui Avraam.
    Ismael este parintele arabilor.
    Isaac este parintele evreilor.
    Rezulta ca si Ismael si Isaac erau semiti.
    Rezulta ca si evreii si arabii sunt semiti.
    Cine sunt cei mai mari dusmani ai arabilor: EVREII.
    De aici rezulta ca cei mai mari ANTISEMITI sunt EVREII.

    Nu mai cautati antisemitismul acolo unde nu exista ci cautati-l acolo unde exista adica in Israel. Acolo e cel mai mare antisemitism.

    In alta ordine de idei va intreb. De holocaustul evreilor impotriva romanilor de ce nu vorbiti? Sau romanii sunt vite, ce sunt pentru voi?

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