The sad irony! Anti-Semitism protest cancelled over anti-Semitism fears

In an ironic but sad twist, organisers of a demonstration against anti-Semitism in Sweden have been forced to cancel the event amid fears of violence and public disorder generated by the very societal elements they were looking to protest against.

images-6The demonstration was supposed to take place in the city of Gothenburg on Thursday. However, with apparent minimal police support or protection on offer, the organisers were forced into a decision:

“At the last minute we learned that many Jews are afraid to come, and that there were rumors that people will come and try to destroy the demonstration and crash it to spread political messages,” the organisers Elin Schwartz and Kaino Nordgren wrote on Facebook to announce the cancellation.

They added they could not verify the rumors but, said “we are two individuals and as organizers dare not take upon ourselves the responsibility of ensuring everyone’s safety.”

They also wrote: “Had we had more time, we could find out more about the threat, but now we feel that we need to postpone.”

Presently, no new time or venue has been set for the alternative holding of the event.

On the Thursday, a well-known Swedish hip-hop music artist, Jacques Mattar, wrote on Instagram that Zionists created the ISIS jihadist group.

Posting a picture of dead bodies, he wrote: “The media aren’t there. Why? The same people who created ISIS control the media: Senior Zionists.”

Mattar, who is known by his stage name Jacco and who is a member of the popular band Labyrint, removed the remark about Zionists from his Instagram account shortly after posting it, the Dagens Nyheter Daily reported.

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  1. Thanks for openly sharing. Years ago my mom would say “To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence” 🙂

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