Exclusive: Family subjected to shocking anti-Semitic attack praises Shomrim for reassurance role

In an AntiSemitismWatch exclusive, the family targeted in a vile anti-Semitic attack has sent a message of thanks to the Shomrim group that responded.

Aftermath of the anti-Semitic attack
Aftermath of the anti-Semitic attack

The family, which included an infant, were subjected to vile racist death threats and had eggs thrown at their car in a sickening attack in the early hours of Friday morning.

Shomrim reported that the men shouted “F***ing Jews” and “Kill the Jews” at the family as they drove alongside in London’s Blackwall Tunnel.

Following the intervention of the Shomrim group, police officers from Tower Hamlets stopped a vehicle and made a number of arrests shortly after the incident. Three suspects have subsequently been given police cautions for their actions.

Im an exclusive to AntiSemitismWatch, Stamford Hill Shomrim released a statement saying, “This anti-Semitic hate crime suffered by community members was undoubtedly a terribly distressing and shocking situation. We have had feedback from the victims of the reassurance they felt in the knowledge that Shomrim were ready and able to directly assist.”

7e579ff9d3c40c94b4a0549bdfb57809“We cannot stress enough the importance of always reporting anti-Semitic hate crime. We stand ready to help and guide people through the process and are determined to be that reassuring presence just a phone call away.”

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