Ukrainian hotel refuses to take bookings from “Jews”

Every year, tens of thousands of Jews make a pilgrimage to Uman, a central Ukrainian city where the Ohel of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov is situated. Buried there after his passing in 1810, the main pilgrimage is every Rosh Hashana, when tens of thousands of Hasidim flock to the city.

uman62072Despite the influx of Jews being good for the Uman economy, there is the inevitable anti-Semitism, which has even manifested itself in violence.

However, in the latest anti-Semitic twist, an Israeli who tried to book at the Uman Plaza Hotel, received this message back via the online booking agent,



“Sorry, but we do not accommodated (sic) Jews”

When challenged over this disgraceful behaviour of the hotel, provided a shockingly bland Twitter statement saying it, “Does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.We actively support the affected customers. Booking team.”

uman-plaza4-690x378What does that mean? Have they immediately stopped allowing the Uman Plaza to trade via their account? Have they insisted the hotel management apologise and investigate the matter?

This is far too serious a matter to be providing such nondescript answers.

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