Facebook rant of endorser of controversial NUS presidential candidate, talks of “Zio lobby”

A senior representative of a controversial UK Muslim group, banned from many UK campuses due to their spreading of anti-Semitic propaganda, has described an initiative led by Jewish university society presidents as indicative of a wider “Zio lobby”.

2016-04-18-09-23-34-1531314963In a Facebook status posted on Saturday, Raza Nadim, spokesman for the London-based Muslim Public Affairs Council, which purports to “focus on non-violent jihad”, hit out against the “power of the Zio lobby”.

Zio is the term most frequently used by far-right anti-Semitic groups as a pejorative abbreviation of Zionist.

Nadim’s rant came after heads of every active Jewish society (JSoc) across the country expressed concern over the potential election of Malia Bouattia, who is campaigning to be the next National Union of Students president, as reported on AntiSemitismWatch.

Ms Bouattia’s candidacy previously received an endorsement by Nadim. However, in his Facebook rant he goes in for stinging criticism of her following her response to the JSoc presidents letter, “And what’s happened? Malia’s panicked, and had to explain how she’s not anti-Semitic and distance herself from me (not that we really knew each other anyway).

I’m not angry about Malia’s reaction – she’s got to do whatever she’s got to do to make sure people don’t derail her presidential bid.”

Nadim finishes his diatribe with this lovely comment showing his apparent true beliefs, “(Also, just to let the Zios know who check out my FB and Twitter – I’m not fazed at all about this – I’m used to your tactics and every time you mention me or MPACUK it proves that we’re doing something right. If anything, it’s made me hate you even more and criticise Israel even more. You really shouldn’t poke a tiger, you terrorist-sympathising p×××ks)”.

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