UK police commissioner candidate labelled ‘unfit for office’ over social media posts

ONE of the candidates bidding to become West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has been labelled “unfit for office” after sharing conspiracy theories about Israel, terrorism and police corruption.

Independent candidate Andy Flynn, is one of four men battling to become the region’s police commissioner in the May 5 elections.

His rivals say they have been stunned by his posts on Israel and Muslims, and his view that the police force is riddled with corruption and packed with “self-serving freemasons”.

On his Facebook page, he has also shared images from others of German chancellor Angela Merkel dressed in a Nazi-style uniform.

In one post, he claims the Islamic terrorist attacks, such those in Paris and Brussels, are in fact organised by Israel.

He states: “Israel is the sworn enemy of Islam, yet there are no ISIS attacks on Israel, and Israel has a history of staging terrorist attacks to incite hatred between Christians and Muslims.”

He also asks: “Was Marxism invented by a Jew to destroy Western society?”

Another post he shared stated: “Boycott Moslem (sic) take aways. You don’t know what they are doing to your food.”

Many of the controversial posts were deleted after being highlighted by rivals, but have been seen and reported on by the Birmingham Mail.

Controversial Facebook posts of West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Andy Flynn

Labour candidate David Jamieson, a former Government minister, said: “Flynn’s views are revolting. In more than 45 years of public life I can’t recall ever seeing such hateful things written by a candidate standing for election.”

Mr Flynn has paid the £5,000 deposit to secure the nomination. In a field of just four candidates, he could secure the five per cent vote needed to get his money back.

Flynn told the Birmingham Mail, “Posts on my Facebook page are for my friends and family, and are therefore personal and not part of my election campaign.

“I have not made any comments about Muslim food, In fact, I often enjoy Asian food. My views on Marxism are not relevant to my standing for election. However, I do believe that Marxism and what it represents are a danger to our freedoms.”

Controversial Facebook posts of West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Andy Flynn

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