Breaking News: Disintegration of NUS begins following Bouattia election

On 20th April, AntiSemitismWatch predicted the break-up of the National Union of Students following the controversial election of Malia Bouattia as its president. We suggested it was the only viable option left for those disillusioned by the continued direction of the organisation.

Malia Bouattia – will she preside over the break-up of the NUS?

Now, a majority of students at the University of Lincoln, 881 people against 804, have voted for the Lincoln SU not to be affiliated with the NUS.

A total of 1,734 votes were cast in this referendum, representing 12.6% of Lincoln SU members.

Other university student union bodies are set to consider similar moves, including those at Manchester, Oxford, Durham, York and Cambridge.

Hayley Jayne Wilkinson, University of Lincoln SU President, said: “As a group of elected officers, we no longer felt confident that the NUS represented the views of our students.

“We agreed it was necessary to ask our members themselves if they wanted to remain affiliated with the NUS. Our members have now told us through their votes in this referendum that they want to disaffiliate.

“For ULSU, our priority is our members and what they tell us matters to them in today’s rapidly changing higher education environment.

“Put simply this debate has been about what students want from the organisation that represents them nationally and, for some time, we have felt that the focus of debate within the NUS has been far removed from the issues that our students tell us are important to them every day on campus.”

Hayley Jayne, as SU President, will write to the NUS Executive Council to give notice before the 1st July. The University of Lincoln Students’ Union will then disaffiliate on the 31st December 2016.

Lincoln SU have said this will make no direct change to it students or services provided to its students.

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