‘Independent’ chair of Labour’s anti-Semitism inquiry is a party member

The independence of Labour’s  inquiry into anti-Semitism has been questioned after its chairman revealed that she joined the party last month.

220px-Shami_Chakrabarti_at_Humber_Mouth_-28June2007Shami Chakrabarti, the former head of Liberty, disclosed that she became the member of the party on April 29th, just hours before her role in the inquiry was announced.

She said: “It was my judgement that as a Labour supporter who had previously not been affiliated to any political party I wanted Labour Party members to trust that I am conducting this inquiry with their best interest and values at heart.”

The inquiry will take evidence from Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, and will consider also whether his description of Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” is appropriate.

The inquiry will report back by July 1, and Mrs Chakrabarti said that the final conclusions will be hers alone.

She said: “I will seek to make such recommendations as I see fit for a party that seeks to set the bar for the way democrats of different races, faiths, persuasions and opinions can rub along together and disagree well.

“Even in 2016 no part of any society can be completely untouched by some form of intolerance or racism.

“The difference between a progressive political party and others is that it fights both prejudice and complacency.

“It sets a higher standard for itself and is prepared to be judged by them. It will openly look at itself in the mirror.”

AntiSemitismWatch will be submitting its own five point plan to the inquiry which we published as a means of providing a road map to the party for extracting itself out of the current mire.

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