US synagogue daubed with swastika

Rhode Island, USA – Pawtucket police are investigating after a swastika was spray painted on the sign of a local synagogue.

CjEd2I8UYAEyAidThe vandalism was discovered Sunday morning on the sign for the Kollel Center for Jewish Studies.

The president of the Congregation Ohawe Shalom, said the graffiti is considered to be a hate crime.

Local leaders say they plan to discuss the crime and anti-Semitism at a news conference Monday morning.

Congressman David Cicilline released a statement Sunday, saying:

“I’m angry and disgusted. This despicable act of vandalism has only one purpose – to intimidate members of our community and it won’t succeed.

This kind of hatred must be condemned by everyone. Such deeply offensive acts of bigotry and intolerance have no place here. Someone knows who did this, and they should come forward immediately.

My thoughts are with all the members of Congregation Ohawe Shalom today.”

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4 thoughts on “US synagogue daubed with swastika”

  1. Dear Friends,
    We stand with you and your community, horrified that this disgusting act would occur in our diverse community. Please know the people of St. Matthew Trinity Lutheran Church hold you in prayer and respect.

  2. I drive by this synagogue allot, and I’m sure what I’m going to say will be misunderstood. Isn’t it more disrespectful to let the synagogue look abandoned by never keeping up the landscaping? I didn’t understand as I drove by and saw a news crew there reporting on the vandalism, why the temple members would stand and talk to the news crew, but would never make time to maintain their place of worship. If my church could not pay for groundskeeping, I’d pay myself.

    More would have been accomplished if someone had merely covered the vadalism up with paint, and mowed the lawn. For in doing so, the vandal would have been minimized, and the place of worship… would be respected.

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