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Jewish war memorial in Belfast attacked

Police say they are treating a Belfast arson attack on a memorial recognising the contribution of Jewish soldiers in the World Wars as a hate crime.

The memorial relates the history of Colonel John Henry Patterson, from Co Westmeath, who had a distinguished war record and notably led the Zion Mule Corps, dubbed “the first Jewish fighting force in nearly two millennia” who fought in the Gallipoli Campaign of the First World War.


It also incorporates a panel highlighting Patterson’s links to the Jewish state and a quotation from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describing him as “the godfather of the Israeli Army”.

Speaking to UTV, Pastor Paul Burns, from the Adullam Christian Fellowship, Belfast, said he was saddened by the attack, which he believed was anti-Semitic.

Pastor Burns, who has Jewish heritage, said it was particularly upsetting, coinciding with a deadly attack in a Tel Aviv market, that left four Israelis dead.

He said Belfast’s small Jewish community had been “deeply hurt, deeply alarmed” by the incident.

William Humphrey, a DUP MLA for the area said the attack was “clearly designed to raise tensions,” coming as it did, on the back of several instances of vandalism of a war memorial in Woodvale Park.

He said the memorial was “welcomed in the community, in Shankill, but also by the Jewish community as it showed the historic links between Belfast and Israel”.

Mr Humphrey called for calm and said those behind the attacks “need to take a long look at themselves,” as “those whom the memorial commemorates have done a great service to freedom and democracy”.

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Israel issues severe travel warning on Jews in Tunisia

Israel on Monday issued a “severe” warning to its citizens to avoid visiting Tunisia where hundreds of Jewish pilgrims will be celebrating the religious Lag BaOmer festival later this month.

There is a severe travel warning for Tunisia (high concrete threat),” the Counter-Terrorism Bureau said in a statement released by the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Terrorist elements, especially those affiliated with Global Jihad, continue to operate in Tunisia and commit attacks; therefore, there is a high threat level against Jewish targets,” said the statement.

“It is recommended that visits to Tunisia be avoided,” it added.

2016-05-09-19-21-43--1389934513Last year, Tunisia was hit by a string of attacks claimed by the Islamic State group that killed dozens of holidaymakers in the North African country.

But the 2014 edition of Lag BaOmer in the Tunisian holiday island of Djerba took place without incident, despite a similar warning from Israel.

This year the festival — during which pilgrims visit the tombs of revered Rabbis as well as the famed El Ghriba synagogue — will take place May 25-26.

Djerba is home to one of the last Jewish communities in the Arab world.

But the number of pilgrims visiting El Ghriba have fallen sharply since a 2002 suicide bombing claimed by Al-Qaeda that killed 21 people.

Prior to the attack, the celebrations in Djerba would attract almost 8,000 people each year, including from France, Israel, Italy and Britain.

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United Nations now stoops to redacting world history

The ongoing farce that is the United Nations has managed to stoop to a new low by redacting world history while supported by some of the world governmental powers who should know better.

UNESCO, the United Nations body responsible for protecting historical and archeological sites throughout the world, has changed its language for the Temple Mount, acquiescing last week to a request by the Palestinian Authority that it refer to the site using the term “Al-Aqsa mosque” only.

UN guilty of rewriting history of the world
UN guilty of rewriting history of the world

This means that the organization has de facto accepted the Palestinian position that denies any connection between Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount) and the Jewish Temples and rejected Israel’s position that the Temple Mount is the holiest site for the Jewish people.

The decision was taken at the UNESCO Steering Committee’s semiannual conference. The decision passed in a vote of 33 to six, with 17 abstentions. Countries that supported the decision included Russia, France, Spain, Slovenia, and Sweden.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in response to the UNESCO decision: “This is yet another absurd U.N. decision. UNESCO ignores the unique historic connection of Judaism to the Temple Mount, where the two temples stood for a thousand years and to which every Jew in the world has prayed for thousands of years. The U.N. is rewriting a basic part of human history and has again proven that there is no low to which it will not stoop.”

Oberlin College faculty give their voice against “Bigotry” of colleague

The dragging on of the internal investigation into the conduct of an Orberlin College assistant professor accused of posting anti-Semitic material on social media has tested the patience of her colleagues into action.

Now the majority of the faculty of the college have signed a statement condemning the anti-Semitic conduct of Joy Karega.

“Bigotry has no place on the Oberlin campus (or anywhere),” reads the statement, with 174 signatories across the arts and sciences. “It sullies the values of equality and mutual support that are embedded in our institutional DNA as the first coeducational college and the first to admit students of all races as a matter of policy.”

When the posts came to light, reads the statement, “many of us on the Oberlin faculty initially thought it prudent to wait for our administration to come forward with a response grounded in careful deliberation and due process. It has now become clear that these complex discussions are going to take a while longer.”

In light of the timeline, “as well as the profound, ongoing questions and concerns of our students, their families, our alums, prospective students, their families and the many people around the country who look to Oberlin, the time has finally come for us to go on record, and especially to reassure our students.”

This latest development follows on from a strongly worded statement released by the trustees of the college in early March and reported on by AntiSemitismWatch. The trustees said, “These postings are anti-Semitic and abhorrent. We deplore anti-Semitism and all other forms of bigotry. They have no place at Oberlin.

These grave issues must be considered expeditiously. In consultation with President Marvin Krislov, the Board has asked the administration and faculty to challenge the assertion that there is any justification for these repugnant postings and to report back to the Board.”

In late February, news broke on the posts Karega had left on Facebook in 2014-15. For example, Karega shared an image of an ISIS fighter taking off a mask of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Another posted image recalled Nazi-era anti-Jewish propaganda, showing Jacob Rothschild, a member of a well-known Jewish banking family, staring down the words, “We own your news, the media, your oil, and your government.”

One of Karega's posts
One of Karega’s posts

On Friday, the deans of Oberlin’s College of Arts and Sciences and conservatory said in a statement that “conversations have begun within the governing bodies and are moving as expeditiously as possible. As this is a confidential personnel matter, we cannot provide further specifics.”

In other words, the investigation continues.

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Latest exposé of UN hypocrisy – BDS behaviour reminiscent of Fascism

Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, has this week blasted the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for behaving “obsessively” against Israel. While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement calling the body an “anti-Israel circus,” adding the council “attacks the only democracy in the Middle East and ignores the gross violations of Iran, Syria and North Korea.”

In our ongoing campaign to expose the anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic hypocrisy of the United Nations  we can report that the UNHRC adopted a measure calling for the establishment of a database of businesses “involved in activities” in the occupied West Bank.

The Geneva-based council, a 47-member state forum, adopted the motion with 32 votes in favour, none against and 15, mostly European nations and the US, abstaining.

The council asked for the list of enterprises to be updated annually and to be appraised of the “human rights and international law violations involved in the production of settlement goods.”

Danon said the council’s decision reminded of “a dark period in Europe when Jewish businesses were singled out. Whoever supported today’s decision, should be ashamed.”

Indeed, AntiSemitismWatch today publishes a copy of a flyer distributed by British Fascists in the 1960s. It contextualizes the true nature of  how the UNHRCs latest action should be considered and that of the BDS movement in general. The content of the flyer is reminiscent of contemporary language of BDS supporters and apologists.

BDS flag

The council also named Canadian Michael Lynk as its new ‘Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian territories’. His role to investigate on the situation of human rights in the region.

The appointment of the Western University law professor is controversial because of what some describe as his long-held and public bias against the Jewish state.


British PC who likened Israeli leader to Hitler allowed to keep job

A British police officer who posted a “grossly offensive” image on Facebook of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu alongside Adolf Hitler has been allowed to keep his job.

GMPGreater Manchester Police constable, Shahid Shah, 39, apologised for the picture, which showed Mr Netanyahu superimposed on a photo of the German dictator pointing at a map with Nazi colleagues.

A day-long disciplinary hearing – held in public – at GMP’s headquarters was told PC Shah ‘only apologised when he was interviewed’ about the post.

His posting appeared in the course of an online debate between officers about the conflict in Gaza and was spotted by two Jewish police officers who reported the Rochdale-based PC to GMP bosses.

The Professional Standards Branch of Greater Manchester Police initially had recommended the officer should face ‘misconduct’ rather rather ‘gross misconduct’ proceedings, meaning he could not have been sacked, as the privacy settings were at maximum, no members of the public were likely to view the image and that it his Facebook profile did not make clear Shah was a police officer.

ACC Garry Shewan
ACC Garry Shewan

This was over-ruled nine months later by Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan, who instigated the more serious proceedings which could have resulted in dismissal.

Shah, who served with the Royal Logistics Corps in Bosnia before joining the police and is married with children, had not been taking part in the debate on a “private” Facebook page until he posted the picture.

The officer had previously been in trouble for his Facebook postings having been given “words of advice” after including a picture of the bereaved family beside murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby’s grave.

ACC Shewan said of the Netanyahu incident: “He caused offence to members of the Jewish community, failed to show initially that he accepted what he had done was wrong and showed he had failed to learn lessons from a previous warning about what he had posted on Facebook.”

Shah will receive a formal written warning and was ordered to do diversity and social media training.

Shah, whose parents came to the UK from Pakistan in the 1950s, removed the image, the hearing was told.

Barrister Julian King, representing Shah, said his client had intended to “add some balance” to the debate but had “wholly failed”.

He added: “It’s quite clear this officer has considered quite clearly the mistakes he has made and accepted them and he is determined not to repeat them.”

Panel chairman Clare Hockney said Shah had made an “early admission, apologised in his interview and accepted it was an error of judgment”, adding that he had shown remorse.

Jonny Wineberg, vice-president of the Greater Manchester Jewish Representative Council, said: “It is disappointing to hear that a serving police officer has behaved in this way. What he did was anti-Semitic and racist.

“I think he should now make an effort to get involved and embrace all the diverse communities in the area.”




Joyous Aliyah news turns sour

A Jewish man has been jailed in Yemen after being accused of helping smuggle an 800-year-old Torah scroll out of the country into Israel this week.

As well as an Orthodox Jew, a Muslim airport worker is also believed to have been arrested and accused of deliberately letting a rabbi from the community pass through security with the historical artefact – which Yemeni lawmakers consider to be the property of the country.

The man is believed to have been arrested after local authorities saw widely circulated images of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reading the Torah scroll with Yemen-born Rabbi Dahari, who made aliyah along with 16 other members of the dwindling community in a covert operation this week.


Israeli-American businessman Moti Kahana, who is best known for having orchestrated the rescue of the last Jews of Aleppo last year, said religious leaders were concerned that the Jewish man is being tortured in prison.

Mr Kahana, who set up New York-based NGO Amaliah, which cares for hundreds of Jewish historical artefacts from Syria – including an 800-year-old siddur, added: “When I saw the scroll in the media I knew the Yemenite government would complain – they would say that international law was broken.”

Jewish Agency spokesman Avi Mayer said he could not confirm whether a Jewish man was currently being detained in Yemen.

On the Torah scroll, he said: “The ancient Torah scroll brought from Yemen to Israel this week is the property of the Raydah Jewish community, of Yemenite Jewry, and of the Jewish people.

“The rabbi of Raydah, who came to Israel this week along with the last remaining members of his community, brought the Torah with him and has been proudly and openly sharing this cherished part of his community’s rich religious heritage. The Jewish community of Raydah has thus come to an end.

“The notion that the Torah should have been left, without protection, in a country torn apart by a violent civil war involving several parties that are viciously hostile to Jews, is preposterous. The Torah is part of the proud heritage of Yemenite Jewry and that heritage will live on in the state of Israel.”

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Turkish official fired after wishing death on Israelis hurt in bombing

An official from Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party has reportedly been fired after saying she hoped Israeli tourists injured in Saturday’s deadly suicide bombing in Istanbul had died.

Irem Atkas sent her ill-wishes over Twitter shortly after a bomb was detonated in central Istanbul, killing three Israelis and wounding 11 others, according to Turkish officials.

Irem Aktas (Screen capture Twitter)
Irem Aktas (Screen capture Twitter)

“I wish that the wounded Israeli tourists were dead,” Aktas, a board member in the women’s branch of the party in the Istanbul neighborhood of Eyup tweeted shortly after the attack.

Her account was removed from social media site not long thereafter.


Aktas was reportedly dismissed from her duties immediately afterwards.

Five people in total were killed and another 36 injured after the suicide bomber struck Istiklal Caddesi, a pedestrian thoroughfare on the European side of Istanbul that is usually thronged with shoppers and strollers but was still relatively quiet when the bomber struck around 11:00 a.m. local time.

The fourth person was an Iranian national and the fifth was the suicide bomber, according to Turkish daily Hurriyet.

Israeli officials only confirmed one national was killed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed the Foreign Ministry to contact the Turkish Foreign Ministry and demand an official apology.


Aykan Erdemir, a former Turkish MP and columnist, captured an image of Aktas’s tweet before it was removed. He later tweeted that her hurtful comment was not representative of other Turkish politicians:



According to English-language paper Daily Sabah, Hatice Yücel, chairman of the Women’s Branch of the party’s Eyup district, said that the district organization was taking the necessary steps to discharge Aktas and her views as shared on social media did not reflect the party’s views.

Yücel expressed her condolences to the victims and wished for a quick recovery for the wounded.

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