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Fox Sports reporter fired over racist comments

Emily Austen, a Fox Sports Reporter, was fired Friday after making insensitive remarks about Mexican, Jewish and Chinese people.

foxAusten’s troubles stemmed from an appearance on social media video where she disparaged Mexican and Chinese people after being asked about a high school valedictorian who used Twitter to brag about being an undocumented citizen.

“I didn’t even know Mexicans were that smart. …That’s f***ed up,” Austen said. “I didn’t mean it like that. You see, you guys know that the Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in math class.”

After that the reporter added some anti-Semitic remarks when talking about her work experience as a bar worker in Florida.

“The way I used to talk to the Jews in Boca. I just didn’t care,” she said. “They would complain and b***h about everything. I gave a guy, delivered his beer, and he was complaining to me that there was too much head. I knew that he was a stingy a** and he wasn’t going to give me a tip.”

Early Friday, Fox Sports sent out a statement regarding Austen.

“We were made aware that Emily Austen appeared in a social media video unaffiliated with FOX Sports in which she made insensitive and derogatory comments. She was not speaking on behalf of Fox Sports, nor do we condone any of the statements she made in the video,” Steve Tello, the network’s senior vice president, said. “Emily has been advised that her comments were unacceptable, and she is not scheduled to appear on any upcoming Fox Sports Florida or Fox Sports Sun broadcasts.”

The writing may have been on the wall even before the statement. At the end of the video show, host Dan Katz joked, “we might have to hire you because you’re gonna get fired.”

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Florida synagogue attacked – male sought by police

Mogen David synagogue, North Miami Beach, Florida – Local police have issued CCTV footage in a bid to identify a man caught vandalizing the synagogue.

miamiSurveillance video captured the man approaching the venue, early Wednesday morning, on a bicycle and then violently throwing a rock at the front door, multiple times. The man then turned around and fled the scene on his bike.

A lot of people at the synagogue have expressed concern after seeing the surveillance video. “I just don’t understand. You see the guy so angry and I just don’t understand,” said congregant Noach Yoder. “I don’t know what he’s so angry about to just throw a thing over here. We learn, we pray. What’s there to be angry about?”

According to police, the suspect didn’t enter the building, but caused damage to the property still visible days later. The damage being a constant reminder of the violent anger behind what has been done to this house of worship.

Several synagogues and cars were also vandalized with hate speech in 2014 and last November, the Greater Miami Jewish Federation held a rally in Miami Beach in an effort to bring attention to the incidents.

Local police are asking anyone with information to contact Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-8477, view the surveillance footage here.



Hollywood synagogue attacked

Yesterday the walls of the B’Nai Sephardim Synagogue in Hollywood were daubed with Antisemitic graffiti.

According to local10.com everything from perverted pictures to the words “(Expletive) the Jews,” to¬†“We’re watching you,” were scribbled across the walls.

“(This is the) first time it has happened,” said Rabbi Leol Benhamu. “To see such a horrible scripture, a horrible thing — unfortunately I don’t know why.”

2015-03-18-07-47-27-957591580Benhamu said someone entered the area of the synagogue still under construction and, with a can of spray paint in hand, went out of the way to paint the hateful messages.

The rabbi said he believes it happened sometime Monday night.

“Our children, they look at those words and they say, ‘Daddy, are we being persecuted? Daddy, what’s going on?’ They will be afraid to come to synagogue.”

He said he’s hoping Hollywood police will increase its presence in the area for piece of mind. He also encouraged those who snuck into the building to stop by and speak with him to try and resolve the problem.

“If you have a problem with the community, or Jewish people, come sit down and we’ll talk. We are open 24 hours here,” Benhamu said.

This is one of numerous anti-Semitic incidents that have happened at synagogues across south Florida in recent months.

The rabbi said he is updating the synagogue’s security system.