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Exclusive: Family subjected to shocking anti-Semitic attack praises Shomrim for reassurance role

In an AntiSemitismWatch exclusive, the family targeted in a vile anti-Semitic attack has sent a message of thanks to the Shomrim group that responded.

Aftermath of the anti-Semitic attack
Aftermath of the anti-Semitic attack

The family, which included an infant, were subjected to vile racist death threats and had eggs thrown at their car in a sickening attack in the early hours of Friday morning.

Shomrim reported that the men shouted “F***ing Jews” and “Kill the Jews” at the family as they drove alongside in London’s Blackwall Tunnel.

Following the intervention of the Shomrim group, police officers from Tower Hamlets stopped a vehicle and made a number of arrests shortly after the incident. Three suspects have subsequently been given police cautions for their actions.

Im an exclusive to AntiSemitismWatch, Stamford Hill Shomrim released a statement saying, “This anti-Semitic hate crime suffered by community members was undoubtedly a terribly distressing and shocking situation. We have had feedback from the victims of the reassurance they felt in the knowledge that Shomrim were ready and able to directly assist.”

7e579ff9d3c40c94b4a0549bdfb57809“We cannot stress enough the importance of always reporting anti-Semitic hate crime. We stand ready to help and guide people through the process and are determined to be that reassuring presence just a phone call away.”

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Neo-Nazis turn up unannounced in Golders Green – Protest against Shomrim

IMG-20160402-WA0004On the day the attention of police and media focused on dozens of far-right neo-nazis in Dover, another neo-nazi group turned up unannounced in the heart of Golders Green on Shabbat to protest against the local Shomrim community group.

In Kent their presence resulted in clashes with police in an angry protest over immigration and ISIS which brought Dover to a standstill.

The march by the East Kent Alliance and a counter protest from Kent Anti Racism Network saw supporters of the far-right groups English Defence League and the National Front join forces.

Police arrested 12 people for offences, including for failing to remove a mask. Hundreds of officers in riot gear were deployed.


IMG-20160402-WA0003Meanwhile, in London a small number of them turned up with banners containing photographs of Shomrim members complaining that, “This is London not Tel Aviv”. Another had a photograph of the Shomrim patrol vehicle and a slogan that read, “One rule for them another for us” and that, “Police impersonation is a crime, no exceptions”.


It was a short-lived demonstration that drew little community or police reaction. Even so, some of the neo-nazis felt obliged to cover their faces.

Shomrim is a street patrol organization, a sort of Neighbourhood Watch-plus, and has been operating against what it calls “quality-of-life nuisance crimes” since 2008. There are such voluntary groups operating in Golders Green and Stamford Hill.

The anti-Shomrim protest was similar to another small-scale protest held in Stamford Hill in April 2015.  The original proponent of these anti-Shomrim focused events, Joshua Bonehill.  is a neo-nazi who now finds himself serving a lengthy prison sentence. One can only hope that a similar fate befalls the remainder of them!

Eruv sparks shocking ‘Jewish lobby’ allegation

An outspoken critic of a newly-approved eruv in Bushey, just north of London, has been accused of adopting “deplorable anti-Semitic overtones” by warning of a “Jewish lobby” and attempts to “socially engineer” the 24,000 resident area.

Gay Butler of Bushey Residents Group, formed two years ago to protest the eruv, told the Watford Observer that the religious boundary, which got the go-ahead last month, was an “appalling abuse of ordinary law-abiding residents”.
Butler said: [Bushey Synagogue] have manipulated and misled the people of Bushey as to the true reason for the eruv i.e. to socially engineer and substantially grow the Jewish community, thereby identifying Bushey, like Golders Green, as a Jewish area.”

An eruv is an area linked by small stretches of fishing wire, in which activities otherwise prevented in public on Shabbat under Jewish law – such as pushing wheelchairs or carrying bags – are permitted. The eruv therefore turns a public space into a private space, shared by the community.

Butler said it was “an appalling abuse” and that “religious dogma” would now be imposed, adding that Jewish law was “discriminatory” and was “greatly incompatible with true democratic hard-fought freedom and equality”.
Her comments conclude by stating a “thirst to redress the powerful Jewish lobby in Hertsmere” and asking: “Why are Jews exempt from the law?”

Stephen Roston, chairman of Bushey & District Synagogue, said the comments “contained profoundly unpleasant anti-Semitic themes,” painting “Jewish involvement as surreptitious and subverting the democratic process.”

He added: “She claims that we have been manipulative and misled the local community. It has never been our intention to ‘socially engineer’ Bushey so it could be labelled as a Jewish area.”

Pater Hammond, another member of the Bushey Residents Group, spoke to Jonathan Vernon-Smith’s radio show on BBC Three Counties, addressing the Jewish community’s “shock and concern” as a result of the comments.

Hammond said he did not oppose the eruv itself but the lack of consultation surrounding it, adding: “It’s put forward as something to make it easier for Orthodox Jews to live on the Sabbath, but Jewish leaders often say, after the creation of an eruv, that they look forward to a ‘substantial growth in our community,’ and there’s something undemocratic about that.”

Asked to explain the use of the term “social engineering,” Hammond said: “Between 2001 and 2011, the Jewish population of Barnet increased by 14,500, and that is where this term ‘social engineering’ has come from.”

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