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Desmond Tutu joins Belgium in nominating murderer for Nobel Peace Prize

South African archbishop and prominent anti-Israel campaigner Desmond Tutu has joined politicians in Belgium in nominating imprisoned Palestinian arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Tutu tabled the nomination in a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Monday in which he hailed the convicted murderer a symbol of the “struggle for freedom, [which] constitutes a clear signal of support for the realization of the Palestinian people’s inalienable rights, including to self-determination.”

tutuTutu is a longtime anti-Israel activist, and is a member of the “International High Level Committee of the Campaign for the freedom of Barghouti and all Palestinian prisoners.”

Barghouti is the former leader of the Tanzim armed wing of Fatah and was convicted in Israel of being the founder of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, another Fatah terror group.

He was convicted in 2004 on five counts of murder and one attempted murder, and was implicated in and held responsible for four other terror attacks.

In his letter, Tutu characterized Barghouti’s actions as fighting “for freedom and peace,” and – even more ironically – hailed the mass-murderer as “an active advocate and defender of democracy and human rights, include women’s rights, and of pluralism, both religious and political, in a region and a world that desperately needs such advocates.”

Barghouti received his support in Belgium from both the Senate and House of Representatives who penned a letter to the Nobel nominating committee praising him as a peace activist and key to future talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

While Tutu and others attempt to manipulate and distort the true character of Barghouti, the victims and countless grieving relatives of his attacks are the only ones with the legitimacy to be heard.

Mass murderer gives Nazi salute in court

Mass murderer Anders Breivik made a Nazi salute in a Norwegian court today as he claimed to be a victim of human rights abuses.

The right-wing extremist killed 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in 2011. He made the offending  gesture as soon as prison guards removed his handcuffs during the hearing.

The 37-year-old is suing the government, alleging it has violated the European Convention on Human Rights by holding him in isolation in Skien prison, about 60 miles south-west of Oslo.

Breivik set off a bomb in Oslo’s government district and then carried out a shooting massacre at the annual summer camp of the left-wing Labour Party’s youth organisation on the island of Utoya.

Kept apart from other inmates, he has likened his prison conditions to “torture”.

Breivik at his original trial

His lawyer, Oeystein Storrvik, told reporters ahead of the trial: “He wants contact with other people.”

He added: “One of his main things to do [in prison] was to study and he has stopped that now, and I feel that is a sign that isolation has been negative to his psychological health,”

Marius Emberland, lawyer for the state, said: “There are limits to his contacts with the outside world, which are of course strict.”

In letters sent to media from prison, Breivik said he has abandoned his armed struggle and now wants to create a fascist movement while serving his sentence.

The court hearing, which is being held in a gym inside the prison for security reasons, is expected to run until Friday.

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