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Mimicking US case, German university printers hacked, churn out anti-Semitic flyers

In late March there was a disturbing series of occurrences across a number of US universities whereby their printers were deliberately hacked to spew put vile anti-Semitic flyers.

Mimicking that, printers at several universities across Germany have produced anti-Semitic leaflets on or about Hitler’s birthday this week, after hackers appeared to break into their computer systems.

2016-04-22-16-25-10--1830844955Universities in Hamburg, Lüneburg and Tübingen confirmed that printers connected to their computer networks had suddenly started churning out the leaflets, most of them on Wednesday, the anniversary of Hitler’s birth in Braunau, Austria, in 1889.

At least six other universities in Germany reported similar episodes, according to the German news agency DPA.

The leaflet produced at the University of Hamburg carried the slogan “Europe, awake!” and alluded to the mass migration that brought more than one million people, many from the Middle East, to the Continent last year. “Europe is being flooded by enemy strangers,” it read, in part.

Without naming Hitler, the leaflet referred to “the words of a former European führer” who blamed the Jews for bringing non-Europeans to the Rhineland.

Christian Matheis, a spokesman for the University of Hamburg, and Karl G. Rijkhoek, a spokesman for the University of Tübingen, said their institutions had filed formal complaints with the police and the judicial authorities after learning that their computer networks appeared to have been breached.

The leaflet printed out in Hamburg included the Twitter hashtag #dailystormer, a term also used on a website referred to in the leaflets in the United States, Mr. Matheis said. The term is an allusion to a far-right Nazi publication.

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