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Ignore the far right at our peril

AntiSemitismWatch.com, in its post on 25th February 2015, was the very first to warn about the dangers of the French Jewish community supporting the National Front party of Marine Le Pen. Others then followed in similarly warning of this unwelcome engagement. In that original post, ASW spoke of how some within the community appeared, “ready to discard decades of distrust of the far right.” News that has just emerged from Germany seemingly supports the rationale behind that comment!

Recently collected data suggests that 95% of antisemitic attacks in Germany were committed by right-wing extremists. According to figures presented last week to the German parliament, out of 1,275 incidents which occurred in 2013, neo-Nazis were considered responsible for 1,218 of them.

These figures were presented by the government in response to questions from leading Green party MP’s. “I was a bit astonished to receive these results,” admitted Volker Beck, one of the MP’s. “The feeling in the Jewish community, as well as my feeling, was that there were more Muslim antisemitic attacks, but the statistics doesn’t support that. This just proves that we need to research the issue more and to get a better assessment of what threatens the security of Jewish people and Jewish institutions in Germany.”

While ASW does not ignore the reality of the deadly danger witnessed in Brussels, Paris and Copenhagen there is also a reality of the Antisemitic threat posed by far right-wingers that cannot and must not be ignored by the responsible agencies and the community itself.