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Swastikas Scrawled in Rio’s Copacabana

BRAZIL – Just weeks before the Olympic Games opening ceremony, three swastikas have been discovered, painted on walls in Copacabana this week, the Rio neighborhood most heavily populated with middle-class and elderly Jews.





Rio Jewish Federation president, Paulo Maltz, who is a lawyer, on Wednesday filed a police report about the racial and ethnic crime. Copacabana is the area in Rio with the largest number of Jewish institutions, including several synagogues, a Jewish day school, community centers, as well the very headquarters of the federation and the honorary Israeli consulate.

“In the meantime, two swastikas were covered with white paint. The third one will be erased during this week,” Maltz said. “The most important is that the crime be investigated and the responsible be brought to trial.”

The anti-Semitic graffiti was found on Siqueira Campos Street, an important axis that crosses the neighborhood connecting a main tunnel and the iconic Copacabana beach, close to a busy subway station. The incident was first reported Monday by Alef News newspaper after Jewish readers photographed the swastikas.

The Rio Jewish Federation has opened a Whatsapp number to receive information on anti-Semitic cases. Anti-Semitic graffiti is not uncommon in Rio.

In 2011, a 23-year-old student was charged for boasting of a leg tattoo of a swastika during a party inside the Brazilian Israelite Club, which is located only a few blocks from the site where the swastikas were found this week. A confessed Hitler sympathizer, he declared to be “just kidding”.

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German Police show British and other law enforcers how to deal with hate

With the Labour Party in crisis over allegations of anti-Semitism, student unions on campus inciting the same through their systemically anti-Semitic BDS activities, online hate crime soaring and the ever dredful anxiety over when the next terrorist attack on the community will happen, it is entirely appropriate to ask what the law enforcers are doing about this? Are those charged with protecting us from such evil doing enough?

images-8In Germany at least there appears to be some progress. The Berlin Police completed a large-scale raid on internet users on Wednesday. Officers targeted ten separate apartments in the German capital in the suburbs of Spandau, Tempelhof, Marzahn, Hellersdorf and Pankow.

The force confiscated mobile phones, narcotics and weapons. Nine suspects were arrested, aged 22-58, and are accused of posting hate messages, including anti-semitic slogans, on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, reports Berliner Morgenpost.

This is perhaps ironic considering it came just the day before front page headlines appeared in London’s Evening Standard, accusing the Metropolitan Police, the largest police force in Britain,  of ‘failing victims of hate crime’.

The Berlin Police meanwhile confirmed many of the suspects  have what they consider a “right-extremist” background.

images-7Police announced that the raids show those Germans who think they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to conduct their vile behaviour are not as safe as they might think. They say that anyone who spreads hate may be next on the list of apartments to be raided in the future.

58 police were involved in the raids and some illegal items were found. Police found one revolver handgun, though it was not mentioned if it had any ammunition or whether or not is was deactivated.

Berlin has seen a rapid increase in prosecutions for hate speech on the internet. In 2014 there were 196 investigations, while 2015 saw 289 cases. In the last six months there have been three raids prior to this one, but so far this has been the largest in scale.

Investigators have set up a special task force who work with the organization Network Against Nazis (NAN),  headed by ex-stasi agent Anetta Kahani, to monitor internet postings across Germany.

A Berlin Police spokesman said that the team is constantly searching YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp and especially Facebook where most cases are pursued because users are forced to use their real names. He said the message of the raids is clear, “the internet is not above the law.”

The closest the British police have seemingly come to such activity is to issue an apparently menacing tweet, warning people not to get into trouble on-line.

As reported by Breitbart London, the Greater Glasgow Police offered internet users this helpful advice: “Think before you post or you may receive a visit from us this weekend. Use the internet safely. #thinkbeforeyoupost”.

Let us hope these words actually turn into action!

Record Numbers Experience Anti-Semitism on Social Media and Online

AntiSemitismWatch has recently reported on the role of social media in spreading the hate that is Holocaust denial and of the inadequate response by the social media movements in removing anti-Semitic abuse.  Now the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has discovered through its most recent survey that nearly four in every five teenagers living in the State of Israel have encountered anti-Semitism on social media and online, the highest level recorded in three years.

The poll of 500 teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 found an overwhelming majority – 84 percent – witnessing overtly anti-Semitic content online in 2015 (compared with 69 percent in 2013). Among those, 16 percent said the content was personally directed at them.

Most respondents said they came across anti-Semitic content at least once a month and sometimes weekly or even daily.

“As a highly developed and technologically savvy society in a volatile neighborhood, it is perhaps not surprising that Israeli youths more than ever before are being exposed to anti-Semitic hate on social media,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO.  “It serves as a powerful reminder of the power of social networks and their ability to be used, and abused by those who seek to poison the internet with hatred of Jews.”

social media

The survey, commissioned by ADL’s Israel Office, began by showing respondents a definition of anti-Semitism and asked whether youths had encountered such anti-Jewish expression online, either directed at them or in general. Among those Israeli teens who reported encountering anti-Semitism, poll respondents indicated they witnessed it in various forms:

  • Ninety-four percent (94%) reported seeing anti-Semitic content in posts on Facebook, talkbacks, and Twitter.
  • Ninety-two percent (92%) indicated they had seen anti-Semitic caricatures, pictures or symbols.
  • Eighty-nine percent (89%) of respondents said they had encountered anti-Semitic pages on social networks.
  • Eighty-eight percent of respondents said that they had seen anti-Semitic video clips or songs.
  • Seventy-three percent of respondents said they had run across anti-Semitic websites.

The survey also asked about anti-Semitic content teens encountered on popular social networks.  Among those polled, youths indicated they had seen anti-Semitism on Facebook (76 percent); YouTube (47 percent); Instagram (39 percent); Twitter (31 percent) and WhatsApp (18 percent). The poll did not ask about the specific nature of the anti-Semitic content.

Nearly 40 percent of those who encountered anti-Semitism said they had taken no action to report or counter it directly, compared with 33 percent in 2013.

“Israeli youths, who spend hours on the Internet and on social networks, are clearly more likely than most to have a heightened awareness of anti-Semitic content,” said Carol Nuriel, Acting Director of ADL’s Israel Office.  “Unfortunately, we have reached a saturation point for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic invective on social networks, and young people in Israel are seeing it more and more in their daily lives.  Some clearly feel powerless to confront it.  We need to equip students and young people to have the tools to respond to anti-Semitism appropriately and effectively.”

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Real Chutzpah!

Here at AntiSemitismWatch.com we are used to the chutzpah of claims some make when it comes to the Jewish people. Obviously, we are also distinctly aware that often it goes beyond chutzpah into downright Anti-Semitism. The latest news is that rare breed as it covers both.

First for the straightforward Anti-Semitism. Abdulla Ba Neeema, a Saudi Islamist preacher, has warned against social media such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, because, he claims, Jews are using them to “poison and hearts and minds of the Muslims”.

The comments were posted by Ba Neema were posted to the internet on 3 rd May 2105, and were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“One day, I went to study two hours before the dawn prayer, and one minute before the first call for prayer, a song was played from a cell phone in the mosque. I began to cry,” he said. “I said to myself: the Jews have accomplished their goal. They managed to get these song celebrations into the Prophet’s mosque, using me, you and (all) the Muslims. That was their plan.”

The Jews, claimed Ba Neema, “are always looking for things that the Muslims love. Is it because they want to take them away from the (Muslims)? No. They want to put poison into things that the Muslims like.”

“WhatsApp is Jewish, Twitter is Jewish, Facebook is Jewish, Instagram is Jewish, and Snapshot is Jewish. All the social networks are Jewish,” he claimed. “All our information is in their hands…as a result of WhatsApp and Twitter, women’s honor has been violated, men have divorced women, and men and women have committed adultery.”

Now comes the chutzpah part, despite his criticism of social networks, MEMRI noted that Ba Neema runs very active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!