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Holocaust denier and White supremacist gets VIP funeral

Willis Carto, one of the United States’ most prominent Nazi sympathizers, anti-Semitic hatemongers, Holocaust denier and white supremacist thought leader was laid him to rest in the United States most famous military cemetery, Arlington National on Wednesday.

cartoCarto, who died at age 89 in October, was wounded as an Army soldier in the Philippines during World War II, earning him a Purple Heart medal.

Purple Heart recipients are among those veterans and family members of veterans who may be interred at Arlington’s military burial site — as long as they were subsequently honorably discharged, and not convicted of a state or federal crime.

The Huffington Post reported on a request to bury Carto in Arlington in November. Jennifer Lynch, a spokeswoman for the cemetery, said at the time that a person’s political views did not have any bearing on their eligibility for burial.

After World War II, Carto even renounced the cause for which he’d fought, “Hitler’s defeat was the defeat of Europe. And of America,” Carto wrote in a letter published in 1966.

Through a number of initiatives — including the Liberty Lobby, a white supremacist organization Carto founded, and the Institute for Historical Review, a group he started to promote Holocaust denial — Carto enjoyed influence among a marginal but significant population of American bigots especially motivated by anti-Jewish hysteria.

At the height of the Liberty Lobby’s popularity in the 1980s, there were 400,000 subscribers to its newsletter, according an obituary for Carto in The New York Times.

Todd Blodgett, who managed advertising for the Liberty Lobby and spied on Carto for the FBI from 2000 to 2002, said the deceased anti-Semitic leader wanted to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery because of the “irony,” given his pro-Nazi views.

“He was laughing about it: ‘I’m probably America’s biggest Hitler fan, but I’ll be buried alongside all these World War II vets,’” Blodgett told HuffPost in November.

Ironically, while people gathered to remember Carto on one floor of the cemetery’s administrative building, right above them, a much larger crowd was memorializing Dorothy Goldstein, the recently deceased wife of a retired career Army officer. Goldstein was Jewish.

One mourner, a retired career Army officer who was a classmate of Goldstein’s husband at West Point, said it “disappointed” him to learn that a famous Nazi sympathizer was being memorialized in the same building as his friend.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, called Carto’s burial in Arlington National Cemetery a “national disgrace.”

“For a person who supported a man responsible for the greatest mass murder in the history of mankind to be buried in the sacred ground where service members who fought to do everything to defeat this man, it profanes the cemetery,” Hier said.

“If Hitler had won the war, defeating first Britain and then the United States, Willis Carto would have been a perfect candidate to be a cabinet member in Hitler’s government,” he added.

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ASW.com Special Report: The absurdity that is the United Nations

As we approach International Holocaust Memorial Day it is worthy to reflect on the work of the one bastion of hope that all Jewish communities should expect to rely on. The United Nations, born out of peaceful intent at the end of World War II, should rightly be considered a shining and protective light at this time of concern and anxiety for Jews brought about by the rising tide of anti-Semitism. It is then so dreadfully tragic that this lumbering monolith simply isn’t there for us.

Un-flag-squareAfter the horrors that were manifested by man during the Second World War you would imagine that a mantra of vigilance against anti-Semitism would run through the UN like a golden thred.  Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Relying on half a trillion dollars from “Daddy” – the US – the UN over the past 70 years has morphed into a bloated, greedy, arrogant mega-bureaucracy that has spawned a plethora of ugly offspring, such as the vile UNHRC or the repulsive UN Durban Conferences on Racism which, instead of promoting peace, deliberately foment hatred.

From 2006, when the UN Human Rights Council was formed, to 2015, it passed zero condemnations of al-Qa’ida, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan or Egypt – but passed 61 condemnations of Israel.

Israel is the only nation in the world that has a standing agenda item against it at every session of the UNHRC. Not North Korea, not China, not Pakistan, not Syria, not Sudan, not Iran. The council has never once even mentioned the word “Hamas”.

Professor Anne Bayefsky, of Canada’s York University, writing of the UN human rights system, explains: “It is the tool of those who would make Israel the archetypal human rights violator in the world today. It is a breeding ground for anti-Semitism. It is a sanctuary for moral relativists. In short, it is a scandal.”

It is also the case that non-democratic states overwhelmingly control the UN. They often mouth the words of moderation, but defend nations that give sanctuary to terrorists.

Ludicrously, the three UN Durban Conferences on Racism have found racism exists in only one of the 192 nations of the UN: Israel.

Выступление Михаила Горбачева на сессии Генеральной ассамблеи ООНThen there us the notorious UN Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10, 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), that “determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”. The resolution was passed with the support of the Soviet bloc and other then Soviet-aligned nations, in addition to the Arab and Islamic majority countries.

The determination that “Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”, contained in the resolution, was only revoked in 1991 after strenuous effort by the US and other democratic nations.

As Abe Foxman of the ADL said, “anti-Zionism constitutes anti-Semitism if Zionism is the only nationalism being opposed.”

Also, in 2012 there were 22 UN General Assembly resolutions against Israel, but only four for the rest of the world combined.

So, just to be clear, in the eyes of the UN, a tiny democracy on a tiny strip of land is responsible for five times the horrors of war, starvation, torture, imprisonment, and terrorism of Russia, Syria, Iran, China, North Korea, and all the Islamic and African states combined!

The United Nations is now only a bastion for all the is bad in the world; greed, corruption and inherent anti-Semitism. Real hope can only come from within the community working with those that see through the facade of organisations and structures like the UN.