Antisemitism hits 7 year global high

Global Antisemitic incidents reached a seven-year high, a new study found, while social hostilities involving religion declined somewhat in 2013 following a six-year peak.

The Pew Research Center’s annual study of global restrictions on religion, released Thursday, reported that approximately one-quarter of the world’s countries are “grappling with high levels of religious hostilities within their borders.”

 The study noted a “marked increase in the number of countries where Jews were harassed.”

In the 77 countries in which Jews were harassed, Jews were “much more likely to be harassed by individuals or groups in society than by governments.”

The study concluded that in Europe, harassment of Jews and Muslims was “particularly widespread,” with Jews experiencing harassment in 34 European countries and Muslims in 32 countries.


Surprising entrants to the debate!

ASW is constantly surprised by some of the participants in the current debate, usually professional and responsible people who espouse Antisemitic views through ignorance. Today, however, we welcome the surprise contribution of Madonna. Never one apparently to stop speaking her mind,  she certainly has not held back when it comes to anti-Semitism. According to the Guardian, Madonna thinks Europe is becoming just like Nazi Germany.

Speaking to French radio station Europe 1 in an interview to be aired on Friday morning, Madonna said antisemitism is at an all-time high in France and elsewhere in Europe, and likened the atmosphere to the period when German fascism was on the ascent.

The Guardian goes on to give some emotional quotes from Madonna.

“We’re living in crazy times. [France] was a country that embraced everyone and encouraged freedom in every way, shape or form – artistic expression of freedom. Now that’s completely gone. France was once a country that accepted people of colour, and was a place artists escaped to, whether it was Josephine Baker or Charlie Parker.”

Madonna brings anti-Semitism into focus just as another surprise entrant, her friend Katy Perry, talked about visiting a concentration camp in Auschwitz. People reported on Perry‘s thought-provoking words after visiting the camp.

“My heart was heavy today. For ever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity, where the Nazi murdered about one and a half million men, women and children mainly Jews from various countries of Europe. The one that does not remember history is bound to live through it again.”

US Senate resolution to condemn European Antisemitism

The U.S. Senate have introduced a bipartisan resolution addressing the rise of Antisemitism in Europe.

The measure calls on government officials to work with the European Union and European governments to stop the increase in Antisemitic acts by designating senior-level special envoys to combat and monitor anti-Semitism, enhancing national strategies by training law enforcement officers, and making sure relevant data are collected.

Sen. Robert Menendez, who authored the resolution said, ”

Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz, we are witnessing an alarming rise in anti-Semitic sentiment in Europe that must be condemned and addressed.” He called the attacks “a challenge not only to international stability and security, but to our shared morality as human beings.”

Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said the resolution “will show the world that violence and hatred will not be tolerated.” He called on the Senate to pass the resolution so that “leaders across Europe will heed this call and agree to come together and work with the United States to push back against the rising tide of anti-Semitism.”


German Jews hiding again?

ASW recently reported that the Jewish community in Berlin had taken the decision to remove its logo from envelopes containing its monthly community newsletter. ASW warned at that time against ‘hiding’, explaining it was not a positive step forward. Such a decision can only ultimately buoy those that seek to promote and perpetuate hate. Well in the latest unfortunate act, the President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Josef Schuster, has suggested it is not “useful” to wear a kippah in predominantly Muslim populated areas of the country. His solution to the problem ……”wearing a different hat”!

Let us know what you think?


‘Mein Kampf’ to be reprinted in Germany for first time since WWII

For the first time since Adolf Hitler’s death, Mein Kampf will be available for sale in German bookstores.

The book’s reissue is effectively being financed by German taxpayers, who fund the historical society that is producing and publishing the new edition. Rather than a how-to guidebook for the aspiring fascist, the new 2000-page reprint, the group said this month, will include annotations and criticism of the text. The first print run will begin early next year.

Still, opponents are aghast, in part because the book is coming out at a time of rising Antisemitism in Europe and as the English and other foreign-language versions of “Mein Kampf” — unhindered by the German copyrights — are in the midst of a global renaissance.

Although authorities in Germany struck deals with online sellers such as to prohibit sales, new copies of “Mein Kampf” have become widely available via the Internet around the globe. In retail stores in India, it is enjoying strong popularity as a self-help book for Hindu nationalists. A comic-book edition was issued in Japan. A new generation of aficionados is also rising among the surging ranks of the far right in Europe. The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party in Greece, for instance, has stocked “Mein Kampf” at its bookstore in Athens.

Bavaria has held the German copyright to the book since the end of the war, but that copyright expires in December.


Many Holocaust survivors see the reprint as giving Hitler a new voice.

“I am absolutely against the publication of Mein Kampf, even with annotations. Can you annotate the Devil? Can you annotate a person like Hitler?” Levi Salomon, spokesman for the Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism in Berlin. “This book is outside of human logic.”

ASW cannot help but agree with Levi Saloman. The timing of this news is also spectacularly counter to any sound or reasoned logical thinking. Equally, the public funded nature of the reprint is a repugnant aspect that the German government and its people should quickly reconsider.

What do you think?

Quarter of British Muslims have sympathy for motives behind Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, new survey reveals 

More than one in four British Muslims say they have “some sympathy” with the motives of the Charlie Hebdo killers, according to a new poll.

Baroness Warsi, who was the minister for faith until last summer when she resigned over the government’s policy on the Gaza conflict, described the findings of the ComRes survey for the BBC as “worrying”.

Other revelations from the poll included that 14% of Muslims said they would leave Britain if they could and live elsewhere, with almost half (46%) saying that anti-Muslim prejudice made living in the UK difficult.

Also, only 55% of respondents believed that the Muslim Council of Britain adequately represented the views of Muslims in the country.

French Jews and Le Pen’s National Front – ASW warns

ASW warns ………

Multiple reports emerged today indicating that French Jews are ready to discard decades of distrust of the far right by voting for Marine Le Pen’s National Front as a bulwark against radical Islam.

14 per cent of France’s Jewish community is expected to back the National Front in presidential elections in 2017.

Roger Cukierman, chairman of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions (CRIF), publicly endorsed Marine Le Pen yesterday, insisting that her political leadership of the far-right party had been beyond reproach.

This is in stark contrast to the period the party was under Ms Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie, with its antisemitic reputation.

……. and this is exactly the point!

If there is anything that our history has taught us it is that such nationalist groups are only ever looking for a temporary marriage of convenience to support and promote their own agenda. They are power hungry but to only serve their own ends. Nothing good for the Jewish community can come of such a union.

Marine Le Pen and her father Jean-Marie Le Pen - Daughter like father?
Marine Le Pen and her father Jean-Marie Le Pen – Daughter like father?

Antisemitic crime spreads to Canada



With increasing reports of Antisemitic hate crime being recorded in large parts of Europe, including here in the UK, as well as in America,  Jewish residents in Montreal, Canada are the latest community to be targeted. In the West End district of the city someone painted four cars with swastikas and left notes, each with a bullet.

The note allegedly read “we’ll kill you.”

Another news report said a bullet accompanied the message “you’re going to get one of these in your head.”

The windshield of one car was also smashed with an axe, which lay on the ground.

The vandal had placed envelopes, adorned with Nazi symbols, under the windshield wipers of the damaged vehicles.

“The police didn’t want to tell us what was written, but we found out later that the message was for us,” said one resident. “There was also a bullet in the envelope.”

“All my life, I felt safe in Montreal,” she said. “I can’t believe this could happen in my building. I’m definitely afraid.”

Montreal police say an investigation is underway. Forensic experts were on scene.

No one has yet been arrested.

Follow the link to the original report here.


Synagogue in France vandalised

A Holocaust-era monument at a synagogue in northern France was destroyed in a vandalism incident.

The vandalism at the synagogue in Elbeuf was discovered last week, the news website reported.

Red paint was thrown on yellow stars that pro-Nazi French collaborators drew on the synagogue in 1942. The stars had been preserved as a somber reminder of that period in French history. The synagogue is not used by a Jewish community.

Police were looking for the perpetrators, the report said.

Elbeuf Mayor Djoude Merabet said the act was anti-Semitic.

“A little over 70 years after what happened here, this act is clearly the disgusting fruit of the anti-Semitism that is manifested [also] in the profanation of Jewish cemeteries,” he said.

Separately, swastikas were discovered twice last week on the walls of a sports center named for a Jewish family in the city of Issoudun, in central France.

New York’s Columbia University ‘Worst for Antisemitism’

New York’s Columbia University is home to the worst antisemitic activity in the United States, according to a list compiled by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative think-tank based in California.

The Center unveiled its first list of the 10 US campuses with the worst antisemitic activity in 2014 as part of a new campaign entitled “Jew Hatred on Campus,” aimed at bringing awareness to antisemitism at colleges and universities throughout the nation. The group also says it seeks to encourage university administrators to withdraw privileges from the groups that spread hate on the campuses.

According to the Center, Columbia University is listed first because it is home to the “most well-known antisemitic professors in the nation such as Rashid Khalidi and Joseph Massad, who has been accused of harassing Jewish students on multiple occasions. In addition, it is home to a highly active SJP chapter that has recently brought BDS founder Omar Barghouti and disgraced antisemitic professor Steven Salaita to campus.”

The Center also cited a number of offending events held at Columbia University in 2014, such as Israeli Apartheid Week and a protest with signs that read “Call to Action: Stand with Gaza.”

Cornell University came in second place followed by George Mason University, Loyola University Chicago, Portland State University, San Diego State University and San Francisco State University. Rounding off the list was Temple University, University of California Los Angeles and Vassar College.

Jew Hatred on Campus founder David Horowitz said the campaign was created to “expose” antisemitic student groups who support or are associated with terrorist organizations that call for the destruction of Israel, such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

“These activities against Jewish and pro-Israel students would not be tolerated by university administrators if they were committed against students from any other ethnic group,” he said. “But because Jews are the target, they have been largely ignored. It is an obligation of university administrators to recognize and condemn acts of antisemitism by campus hate groups and to withdraw campus privileges and university support from them.”

According to the Center, universities included in the top 10 list “played host to numerous incidents of anti-Jewish acts” that took place on university property and were often supported by university funds, despite the fact that such behavior is forbidden under campus codes of conduct. The advocacy group said it plans to contact each of the institutions on the list to discuss its findings and to help correct the situation. The group said it will update its analysis and publish a report naming the worst offenders every year.

Please follow the link to the original report here.