Leading European Rabbi Receives Death Threat on Facebook

The head of the European Jewish Association, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, received a death threat Monday – two days after a brutal Antisemitic attack in Denmark.

“Menachem Margolin will be a dead man if he does not stop. We will stick a bullet in his head,” a man named Richard Wright wrote on the Jewish leader’s Facebook page, Channel 10 reported.

The threatening post was also accompanied by large number of anti-Semitic curses and abuse.

Rabbi Menachem Margolin
Rabbi Menachem Margolin

Margolin, an outspoken critic of Europe’s handling of anti-Semitic attacks, was one of the first to condemn Saturday night’s shooting on a Copenhagen synagogue and to call on European countries to do more to protect Jews.

According to Margolin, EU countries “bury their heads in the sand, and do not act to prevent the phenomenon [of anti-Semitism] both in security and in education.”

“We demand that European governments and EU institutions increase security around Jewish institutions,” he added.

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