You don’t believe Antisemitism exists in Britain? Read on..


ASW is greatly troubled by those in Britain who choose not to believe or want to ignore that the global Antisemitism being witnessed is conveniently absent from its shores. The reality for those that understand or take the time to look and reflect is substantially different. More worrying is that it appears to be going on unchecked, evidenced by the below vile diatribe from The Daily Bale who proudly announce themselves as the number one nationalist newspaper in Britain:

A group of black Jews who have been successfully passing themselves off as Africans are planning a ‘unity’ event with Jewish occupiers on Clapton Common Hackney to drum up support for a ban on the free speech of indigenous British people, protesting not only the Jewish Occupation Of the entire English, Scottish and Welsh nations of Britain if not the whole of the European continent, but the seizing of whole areas of the country by Jews and their Jew-imported co-genociders the Muslims, areas which are in effect no-go areas for indigenous whites either because the Jews have bought up all the property or because any displays of British patriotism within these areas are likely to be met with heavy-handed violence from The Shomrim and the Jewish-led Metropolitan Police or because they are likely to be raped, robbed and murdered if they dare enter any of the Muslim Stans.

ASW have a mission. We search it out. We tell you about it. So then the world can know the truth and defeat it. Keep checking back to  your number one learning point.


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