Antisemitic crime spreads to Canada



With increasing reports of Antisemitic hate crime being recorded in large parts of Europe, including here in the UK, as well as in America,  Jewish residents in Montreal, Canada are the latest community to be targeted. In the West End district of the city someone painted four cars with swastikas and left notes, each with a bullet.

The note allegedly read “we’ll kill you.”

Another news report said a bullet accompanied the message “you’re going to get one of these in your head.”

The windshield of one car was also smashed with an axe, which lay on the ground.

The vandal had placed envelopes, adorned with Nazi symbols, under the windshield wipers of the damaged vehicles.

“The police didn’t want to tell us what was written, but we found out later that the message was for us,” said one resident. “There was also a bullet in the envelope.”

“All my life, I felt safe in Montreal,” she said. “I can’t believe this could happen in my building. I’m definitely afraid.”

Montreal police say an investigation is underway. Forensic experts were on scene.

No one has yet been arrested.

Follow the link to the original report here.


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